Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Windy enough for ya???

Yesterday I had the joy of driving in 60 mph winds, watching the tops of trees bending to the ground and hail striking my car, splattering on the windshield. It was kewl. As opposed to quol, which is a geil sorta kewl. And geil being the German equivalent of super kewl. "Es ist geil Mann!" So sayeth my friend Markus, normally over a new death metal band which either kills or deadens a few of his brain cells. After the storm passed, the power went out. WTF? AFTER the storm?? So, I'm writing this at that legal job, waiting for my boss to wander by so I can switch screens. I hate fucking off at my job but some days it just seems the only way to get through the day. I'm all messed up anyway from the holiday, not to mention I woke up at least twice checking the time last night. Okay, I didn't check the time. I evaluated the amount of daylight in my house as opposed to moonlight and when I heard the garbage truck go by, I knew it was about 6:45. Thank you garbage men. My son had ridden his bike to school so we wandered down to pick it up. Its only 3 blocks down and 4 or 5 blocks over. For some reason, it made me feel very feminine to walk with my son's hand in mine, at least until he saw some of his friends, (mental sob), with the wind whipping my dress and mainly because I was commando and I love the feel of a good wind tossing soft material against my body, its very cleansing, better naked, but it was not likely I would out strolling nude. weekend when the kids were either alseep or away, my neighbor (that's J.A.) and one of her friends and I got extremely drunk and trotted the 10-15 feet between our front doors topless. The men were in the house and had pretty much left us to our own devices. The next morning I got up to let one of my cats in and I stepped out on the porch and saw a train parked in front of my house (I live by the tracks) and for the life of me could not remember if he had been there last night. J.A.'s husband told me later that the neighbor on the other side of them and his buddy had been sitting in a car on the street smoking a joint when we three ladies came sauntering out. He said they almost choked to death on their smoke. I laughed long and hard at that. I always thought it was too bad that we didn't know they were there. I'm naturally salacious and ornery in my intimacies but I was single and drunk at the time with two other drunk ornery women, the possibilities were endless. How I wish I had known they were there!
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