Friday, March 16, 2007

A Partial Pictoral

After my trip to Knoxville and Atlanta, I returned with two new necklaces and three new charms, bringing me to a total of four necklaces and eight charms that I wear regularly. From left to right: The eight-pointed star which my aunt sent me from California. The eight-sided star is the symbol of the Goddess Inanna. A red (ruby) Swarovski crystal heart I bought at my first BlogCon in Kansas city which is Nate's birthstone, a diamond solitaire which belonged to my Ma-Ma, Bast (Egyptian Goddess and protector of cats, women, and children), the pentacle with celtic scroll that my cousin bought me on my trip to LA and TX, the blue necklace which has the symbol of Cancer on it which belonged to my Grandma, who was also a Cancer like Nate, the purple goddess pendant and the sign of the Scorpio. A close up of the Star of Inanna Last Friday, Ron asked me how I wanted my ceiling textured. I told him, "Surprise me." When I walked in on Sunday and went to my bedroom to see what he had done, I found this: If you can't tell, that's the 8 pointed star of Inanna. T-Bird looked at me and said, "Wow, someone's observant..." My friend Lisa, said the same thing. I can't really describe the feeling when I saw it. It was more than just a symbol that my Lady was with me and would always be with me and had not forsaken me, but that someone who barely knew me, who didn't know me 6 weeks ago would care enough to try and please me by using the pattern of my own necklace in the ceiling, without knowing what it actually meant. Then there was the way Ron acted when I questioned him about it. I could tell he was nervous about what he had done, afraid that I wouldn't like it, to the point he just continued working and didn't look at me until I pointed out that it was my necklace that he had used as the pattern. I guess the other guys had asked about the odd pattern as well because he told me to show them my necklace and they both looked at us strangely. Maybe he was afraid I would figure out how much time he spent looking at my chest... LOL! Regardless, it really meant a lot to me. A lot. It gave me the warm fuzzies and still does.
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