Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Questions... Questions with Answers

This was hard work. Reminder to self : NO! Anyway... here we go. Trashman asked: Sex w/blogger 1. Who? 2. How? 3. Why? Inanna answers: Trashman decided to let me off the hook as not having to answer this question. Stop groaning, I'm going to answer it anyway. I told him I would modify it to my own means. There are three bloggers that I would like to get to know better should the opportunity ever present itself. I like many bloggers for many reasons but these three gentlemen stand out as my major crogs due to their intelligence, wit, thoughtfulness, and humorous self-deprecation. In no particular order, they are: (drum roll, not so shocked gasps from the peanut gallery) Michael, Jack and Dastard. Michael asked: Pics of yourself? Audioblog of yourself? Video of yourself? Inanna answers: Ahem. Due to the work involved with Michael's request, his answer will appear below. There will be no video. Esther asked: Do you have any other tattoos? Do you think Michael has a porn fetish? Who would you like to meet? (famous/infamous person) Inanna answers: No, however I'm always in the market. No, he has a NannerPeach fetish. I hear it's a terrible affliction. Ack!! Many, many people (besides bloggers). The entire Romanov family, Joan of Arc, Winston Churchill, Oskar Schindler, Raoul Wallenberg, Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Jesse James (Yep, those are the dead ones) Living - Johnny Depp, Hilary Rodham Clinton, Teresa Heinz Kerry, Jon Bon Jovi, Stephen King, Bill Gates... the list goes on. Celti asked: 1. If you could go back and do it all over again, what major thing would you change and why? 2. Have you ever had a spell backfire on you? Why do you think it did? 3. How did you choose the screen name Inanna Moon? (Had to number her's) 1. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I realize if I change one thing, it changes everything. It would change the person I am and I've finally gotten comfortable with her so I don't want her changing for a while. (See Kate's question about regret). 2. I've never had a spell backfire. 3. Inanna is my patron goddess. From "inanna.virtualave.net" - Inanna makes her descent into the dark realm, kur-nu-gi-a, of her sister, Ereshkigal. Inanna passed the seven portals of kur-nu-gi-a, and at each of the portals she was obligated to remove an item of clothing, until at last she stood before Ereshkigal, totally naked. Ereshkigal fastens on Inanna, and for three days she hangs like a carcass on a hook. Her faithful female companion, Ninshubur ("Queen of the East") whom she warns to go in search of help for her if she does not return, appeals to the god of wisdom, responds to her and sends two creatures to plead with Ereshkigal for Inanna's release. They find Ereshkigal in the process of giving birth. Inanna is restored to life and ascends like the moon after its three days death to assume her place once more as Queen of Heaven. The lesson of this ritual drama for Sumerian culture was the deep realization that death is not inimical to life but an essential aspect of its totality and, indeed, the passageway to a new cycle of life. So her journey into the Netherworld was both a literal and symbolic enactment of a natural world occurrence and its mirror in the human psyche as represented by her earthly representatives: the priestesses of Sumeria. Inanna is seen as the daughter of the sky-god An but is also seen as the daughter of the moon-goddess Ningal and her consort Nanna. Inanna embodies the beliefs I have, namely, that we die many times in our lives, not physically, but emotionally and spiritually. We have the capability to arise from that death, reborn as a new individual, stronger and wiser. One of the symbols associated with her is the moon (that and my Phoebe Moon sister). Additionally, I have worn an eight-pointed star for many years (a symbol of Inanna), not to mention the love of cats (Lions are often portrayed with Inanna) and she is the goddess of fertility, birth, nature, sexuality and war. As a Scorpio, my ruling planets are Mars and Pluto. Mars rules our sexuality and was the God of War. Pluto rules the reproductive system, transformation, regeneration, and rebirth. So... there you go. Zelda asked: 1. (I know its redundant but I want to know) Blogger (besides me) you'd most like to schtook? 2. Blog you read most? 3. Work of fiction you've most enjoyed? Inanna answers: I'll interpret #1 as someone I would like to get into trouble with as opposed to Trashman 's question. I would have to say as far as trouble making, I would have to go with JP or Trashman. Two Scorpios with meanness on the mind is a dangerous thing. Trashman is self-explanatory. 2. As for blogs, look to my sidebar. It cycles as does everything. I normally hit Jay, Steve, Trashman, Jack, Michael, Sloth, Dastard, you, and several others, at least once a day. Others I hit every other day. 3. Harry Potter is high on the list but so is The Wolf's Hour, A Boy's Life, and Swan Song by Robert McCammon. All of Stephen King, Dean Koontz and Patricia Cornwell. Harry Potter and McCammon satisfy my need for magic... King and Koontz for fantasy/horror... Cornwell for my scientific law side. El Sid asked: Why would you? Why wouldn't you? Why didn't you? Inanna answers: I would because I want to. I woudn't because of karmic consequences. I didn't because they wouldn't. AJ asked: 1. Name the chief childhood fear that still makes you queasy as an adult. 2. Who is the most important or famous relative you have (including distant relatives) and why? 3. Why am I such a cool dood?... er... uh.. I mean, Who or what is most responsible for making you, you? Inanna answers: 1. I hate the thought of smothering, for any reason. My brother used to wrap me in a blanket and sit on me as a kid. I hate enclosed spaces and that includes diving in deep water. The pressure the water exerts makes me panic. I cringe when in movies they put anything in or over a character's mouth. Placing your hand over my mouth in anyway is the fastest and easiest way to lose a finger. 2. According to my cousin, we are distantly related to Jonathan Belcher, Governor of Massachusetts Bay, New Hampshire and New Jersey in the 1600's and founder of Princeton University; Winston Churchill, Douglas MacArthur, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John Alden (original passenger on the Mayflower), John Adams, John Quincey Adams, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and yes, Dan Quayle (groan). The last four are descendants of John Alden. Then there's my 8th great-grandmother (Welsh) who was arrested for going to a masquerade ball as a man in the 1700's in Philadelphia. But, honestly, my Ma-Maw was the most influential family member. She was quite a lady, almost as mean as me, but not quite. Strength, determination, a wonderful laugh and faith... that's what she was to me. 3. I am. I am who makes me, me. However, as far as influential individuals who have pushed me forward, giving me the tools to mold myself are AZ, my host parents and my high school German teacher. Kate the Peon asked: 1. What's something you chose not to do that you have regretted? 2. What's something you chose to do that you have regretted? 3. What's something you want to do? Inanna answers: 1 & 2 - I used to regret not dumping Nate's dad in September of 1995 and going after AZ. But then I wouldn't have Nate and his birth was the catalyst for my most intense personal growth. It stings but I feel as though I can't regret anything I have done nor haven't done because it all fits into who I am now. 3. I would like to travel more. Gooch asked: 1. What do you like most and least about your job? 2. Who was your "one who got away"? 3. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Inanna answers: 1. It sounds altruisitc but I like giving people a voice that normally wouldn't have one. I don't like those same people becoming greedy fucks. 2. AZ 3. I haven't been everywhere I want to go yet, but my best guess would be Germany, Poland, Italy, Turkey, Australia or New Zealand. Mike Peach asked: 1. What is NANNERPEACH? (Because I'm a Peach too.) 2. What is your IQ? 3. What were you doing when I asked this question? Inanna answers: 1. See one of my posts in October titled "All About MJNanPeach." Its a cute but long story. 2. In the 130's. 3. Researching my famous family for AJ. (Glad you stopped by!) tinyhands asked: 1. You are stranded on a desert isle and you can only have one pizza topping. What would it be? 2. There are 4 Wiggles, but you only have three bullets, what do you do? 3. Suppose you have to flee the country unexpectedly, Canada or Mexico? Inanna answers: 1. Cheese 2. I'd shoot three then beat the other one to death with my shotgun. 3. Canada! Cybele asked: 1. Cut or uncut? 2. Boxers or briefs? 3. Granny panties or thong? Inanna answers: I don't discriminate Doesn't matter because they're coming off anyway. Commando Cooter (coming in under the wire) asked: 1. What type of laundry detergent? 2. Beer or wine? 3. How ya doin' Punkin? Punkin answers: 1. Purex 2. Beer 3. I'm doin' just PEACHY baby!!! Keep going. Michael's post is below :-)
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