Wednesday, June 02, 2004

For once, my ultra-Conservative mother and me, her ultra-Liberal daughter, agree on something. This all started when my ultra-Bitchy S-I-L called to let my UCM know she had been diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She's due with my third niece or nephew and just to be the ultra-Bitchy Aunt-in-Waiting, I hope its another boy. She and my Prick Brother (such love, such love) have two of the most adorable little boys, no bias there, they really are just beautiful boys. Except, they teach them nothing. Hellions doesn't come close to describing them. Additionally, they are just mean: biting, pinching, punching, kicking, back-talk and not just to each other, but everyone. (Sigh) And not to mention that my UBSIL wanted these kids SO bad and now won't teach them a damn thing and only half way watches them when they are out and about, all the while sneering down her nose at my Hyper Boy. Yes, hyper, mean, not on your life. Not that he doesn't get mad and want to kick someone's ass, he's that much like his mother, but he's a soft-hearted chap and no match for his cousins. Enough background, on with the show. So, my UCM invites them down (with gritted teeth) for July 4th before the possible C-section, etc. My UBSIL informs her that they will be attending her sister's lesbian wedding and that her grandchildren are in the wedding. (Head in hands rubbing temples) My UCM believes that gay/lesbians are born not made but does not agree with their lifestyle. I could care less. The only gay I've ever met that I didn't like was a heterophobe. The others I know, and yes, work with, are just other people to me. Their sexual orientation has nothing to do with whether I like them or not, except in the case of the heterophobe who didn't like ME because I wasn't a lesbian. Having said that though, I have to agree with my UCM that I think a 5 year old and a 3 year old never exposed to gays or lesbians are mature enough to understand why A.J. is kissing A.J.G. Had they been around A.J. and A.J.G. and this was a normal part of their upbringing, like thousands of gay parents who have children, no big deal. My son has never seen me kiss a woman, nor has he seen a man kiss another man. He has only seen a straight relationship and that is what seems "normal" to him. I don't think at 7, almost 8, that he cannot understand the sexuality issues involved, simply because he's never been exposed to it. Knowing my 5 YON, he will say, right in the middle of the ceremony, "Why is A.J. and A.J.G. kissing?" Do I believe that different sexualities should be discussed with children? Absolutely. I plan on making it part of the "The Talk" when my son is older and able to understand heterosexuality, homosexuality and bi-sexuality. That day is right around the corner, perhaps in another year or two. As my friend's 9 year old said while pointing to a picture of one of his step-dad's friends, "he's gay right? Not gay as in funny, ha, ha, but gay as in queer." How is it our children get older and older while still being so young?
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