Thursday, September 09, 2004

Prepare To Be Confused And Mystified....

As promised... my family tree. First the trees themselves, afterwards, a sorta explanation as best I can explain it. I don't know how I'm going to do this so... argh!! Why isn't blogger letting me cut and paste???? 1. Jane Ba. ~~ 2a. Lucinda Ba. m. Ali B. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ } sisters~~~} brothers ~~ 2b. Esther Ba. m. George B. ~~~~~4. Rebecca B. (2a) m. Jacob C. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~} double first cousins married brothers ~~~~~5. Julie B. (2b) m. George C. ~~~~~~~~6. Archie C. (4) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~} 1st cousins in BF and double 2nd cousins in BaF ~~~~~~~~7. John C. (5) ~~~~~~~~~~8. Madeline C. (7) wife of Archie C. (4) (My grandparents - 1st cousins once removed and double 2nd cousins once removed in these lines) 1. William M. (Elder) ~~ 2a. William M. m. Nancy J. S. I ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~} brother/sister married brother/sister ~~ 2b. Nancy M. m. William S. ~~ 2c. James Booker M. m. Nancy J. S. II (his niece through sister Nancy the 1st (2b)) ~~~~ 3. William Booker M. (2a) m. Judith S. (2b) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~} double first cousins married ~~~~ 4. Judith S. (2b) m. William Booker M. (2a) ~~~~ 5. Sherwood M. (2c) m. (Unknown) Roberts ~~~~~~ 6. William "Bandy Bill" M. (3/4) m. Betsy S. (perhaps related to other S. Family) ~~~~~~ 7a. Nancy M. (5) m. Hiram C. ~~~~~~ 7b. Booker M. (5) m. Nancy P. ~~~~~~~~ 8. Easter M. (6) m. Jeremiah Sa. ~~~~~~~~ 9. Jonathan E. C. (7a) m. Mary "Polly" M. (7b) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jonathan was the love child of Hiram C. and is not related to Mary M. / Well, they probably were but... not 1st cousins. ~~~~~~~~~~ 10a. Jacob C. (9) m. Rebecca B. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~} Double 1st cousins married brothers ~~~~~~~~~~ 10b. George C. (9) m. Julie B. ~~~~~~~~~~ 11. Ollie Sa. m. J. Lewis M. (Not same M. family as before but same name) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 12. Archie C. (10a) m. Madeline C. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 13. John C. (10b) m. Florina M. (11) (again not same M. family but same name) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 14. Madeline C. (13) m. Archie C. (12) As you can see, this one is a wee bit more complicated. Now, I'm sure you're wondering how my grandparents are related through this line. I have no idea. I know they are... does that help? Its a lot more complicated because of the double first cousins having a son who is his own double 2nd cousin, not to mention the whole uncle/niece/cousin fiasco. It may appear as though they are more related than what they actually were. The saving grace was the fact that Hiram C. had a love child which kept Jonathan and his wife from being 1st cousins in as far as the M. Family. Other than the obvious interactions between the M. and S. families, I don't think there are any other connections than the ones listed in the Ba. B. and C. families. The inter-marriage between the M. and S. families is several generations removed. The most interesting part is figuring out the lineage removed from the uncle/niece thing. It would mean that James Booker's own children are his great-nieces and nephews, not to mention Nancy J. II's own first cousins. James Booker is also the double uncle of William Booker and Judith S. and is also Judith S.'s brother-in-law but the hell if I know what that means for me. And I made a mistake yesterday. Ali B. is my 2nd great grandfather, not my third. Bartley B. is my 3rd and 4th great grandfather because his son's Ali and George are my 2nd and 3rd great grandfather's respectively. If you made it this far and your head didn't blow up, congratulations. Now, does anyone really give a crap? I'm burying this post!!
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    Blogger Cattiva said...

    I think my head hurts.

    Seriously though, is this the first time you've written it all down? If so, this is really valuable to you. Good work!

    9/09/2004 09:28:00 PM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    Cattiva -- LOL!!! First time written down? Hhahahaahahahaha, I've been working on that damn thing for 5 years and I'm still not sure its right!! But I'm reasonably certain...

    9/09/2004 09:32:00 PM  
    Blogger Zelda said...

    My Grandma worked on our family tree for over 20 years. It was fascinating. And she had to do real legwork to get it as she never owned a computer. I remember her telling me that I had an ancestor named Patience Temperence Luther (of the Lutheran clan). And there was someone named Charles Nightengale Something-or-other. Completely by coincidence, my 5th sister's middle name is also Nightengale. Weird huh?

    9/10/2004 12:00:00 AM  
    Blogger Esther said...

    I have a headache now. ;)
    Your posts have put me in mind that I should do this for my family as well. Compared to yours though, we're quite boring.

    9/10/2004 04:47:00 AM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    Zelda -- Can you imagine your name being Patience? Not me. Yeah, a long time ago it was a lot harder to research. And, I find that 'family names' show up down many lines of people.

    Esther -- Sometimes 'not so interesting' is a good thing... at least you have multiple branches. The important thing is to preserve not just who the family members were but their stories, personal stories of what they were like.

    9/10/2004 06:32:00 AM  

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