Thursday, December 16, 2004

"Its been a WEEK" Wrap-up

I blogged Sunday but not Monday. I think I spent most of my time Monday trying to decide what to do about AZ. I also spent time in the alley crying over it. By Monday night I started answering the questions you guys and gals had posted and I found my answer about AZ. Funny ole world isn't it? Tuesday I posted pics and audios and answers. I have now been downloaded to hard drives. Mmmmmmm... down loaded to hard drives... ahem... where was I? Ah, yes, Wednesday and Lex. One of my better qualities is I don't have the capacity to stay angry very long at people as long as I believe they made a mistake or are messed up as opposed to being vicious. I think Lex is just messed up. However, our newly appointed office manager, well, she's just a bitch. An overbearing, rude, vicious bitch. You guys didn't get to hear about her. Well, she bitched the receptionist out over SEVEN FUCKING CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! Our receptionist lived with an abusive asshole for 30 years. She's worked very, very hard to overcome the effects of that abuse. It truly pissed me off when I came in from getting coffee and this dear lady, even as flaky and passive-agressive as she is, was crying. So, let the power struggle begin over whether or not we're going to have Christmas cards around a 3 foot tree. Puh-leeeze peeps!! Office Manager is a condescending wench. I went upstairs and reported to my boss. He didn't want to get in the middle of it. Okay. Yet, I heard him talking to Office Manager and another paralegal as I left. He said something to the effect that he had heard that she had engaged in a war of the wits with Receptionist and couldn't she have picked a person who had wits to battle with. Ha ha, laugh, laugh. *Grrrrrrrrrr* That was vicious. Makes me wonder what he says about me behind MY back. Frankly, between the cracks about sand niggers and oreos (that would be people of bi-racial ancestry), he's really been on a role of losing my respect this week. Add in the bonus thing and honestly, I'm not real happy at my job right now. I think he can tell. He's been coming back to my office more often to actually engage me in conversation about our cases because I just haven't been stopping by to chit chat on my way in and out of the office. He goes through these spells where he gets like this... then he cycles out of it into this wonderful, generous person who treats everyone with dignity. I think Office Manager has had an effect on him. Me thinks she should spend more time at HER desk instead of yakking with the paralegal next to me. Trust me. I know they talk about me. I'm not stupid. See, unlike poor Receptionist, I'm a paralegal and furthermore, I'm a real one, not a glorified legal assistant. I do know how to write briefs and I have written briefs in Federal Court cases and motions and memorandums of law in Circuit Court. I win 95% of my Social Security cases. I do all the work up, all the research and I write the memo the lawyers read from. I prep the clients and I prep the lawyers. I've won cases on the 4th level because I know the law judge screwed up and didn't apply the rules correctly. I go to mediations and settlement hearings with difficult clients and on large cases because I know the files and my clients inside and out. When they won't listen to him, they'll listen to me because I'm the one who has the closest relationship with them and they trust me. I'm sure if it wasn't so damn hard in my city to find a good paralegal he might have fired me a few times. I'm not perfect and in case you didn't notice, I can have an attitude. I told boss man, you can put her in the position of office manager and let her have a power trip over five whole people, but keep me out of it. I had worked with her long enough that she absolutely grates on my nerves. I'm all for women being ballsy and gutsy... but I draw the line at vicious, rude behavior. Perhaps if we had a much bigger office and many more minions schlepping in late (like I did this morning because some jerk off decided to get on the Interstate the wrong way and kill himself) then perhaps her heavy-handed ways would be a bit more warranted. Receptionist is a very good employee and thinks the world of us. Yes, she can get absolutely annoying as fuck, but I'm sure after listening to all of our whiny clients all day, I'd be a bit annoying too. For instance, she knows how much I enjoy beading and brings me articles etc. and knock-knock jokes for Nate. She didn't deserve to be reduced to tears. Okay, well this recap has turned into a rant, gotta love it. Anyway, this leaves today when I was late for work, fought with my doctor's office over my medications *grrrrrrrr* and basically, because I didn't have my meds, had a fairly NON-PRODUCTIVE DAY. Now, I face a very busy, busy weekend. I HAVE to shop for Nate... I have to work, I HAVE to clean my house. It is, well, just disgusting. No, trust me... between all the work I've been doing on my beading and everything else.... shudder. Time to clean... put the tree up and make this place look like somewhere Santa Claus would want to visit. Not to mention a necklace, three bracelets, three medicine pouches and other beading to do. Its going to be a long weekend, with little sleep. Oh, and yeah, my office Christmas party. What joy! Single again. I HATE going to these things stag. Sigh. So, I'll leave you with another digi pic of my beadwork. This is the beaded part of a wall hanging that I haven't gotten done for one of the partners in our firm. I'll see you guys Monday.
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