Thursday, October 06, 2005

Overhead in WV

Guy: I guess I should stop drinkin’ all that beer too, huh? (Sarcastic) Girl: Yeah, I cut my beer consumption down. You can drink beer... Guy: Oh, yeah but I should drink responsibly. Girl: Yeah, I cut back on my beer and just upped my liquor consumption. Guy: I think I need to roll my pants up cause the shit is gettin’ deep. ***** Did ya'll hear Katie Holmes is preggo? GAH! COUGH! SNORT! Where's my inhaler? ***** I attened a training session yesterday for electronic filing for the Federal Courts. It was a good presentation, I should have just drank a bunch of coffee before I got there. I ended up doodling peeps profiles. One lady had a rather large bulbous nose with a recessed chin. One of our instructors had a long, narrow nose, very Grecian (or godly). Think of Hera from Disney's "Hercules." Dead ringer. Another lady looked like she either drew her eyebrows on too high and arched or had a tight eyelift. She reminded me of Voldemort. ***** I've been re-reading "Rocket Boys" aka "October Sky" by WV boy, Homer Hickam. You should read this book. I can't begin to explain what an accomplishment it was for him and his friends to build and fly rockets in the late 1950's in rural, deep southern WV. Its very inspiring. ***** Speaking of inspiration... make a pot of coffee, let the animals out, lock the kids up, and get ready for NaNoWriMo. That's National Novel Writing Month which is in November. I think you should all participate. I am. Again. Didn't get very far last year but I'm gearing up for this year. Woot! What are you guys gonna write about?
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