Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Next Mood Swing... 2.5 Seconds

Not mine, Nate’s. Yes, my little fellow is showing all the classic signs of puberty, including him telling me, “Mom! I’m going through puberty.” Which he then emphasized by telling me, “You know, when I use the bathroom, I also clean down. . .” and he glances several times towards below his belt. “Well, Bubba, I’m very glad to hear you take personal hygiene seriously.” “Yeah, well, I thought I had a hair wrapped around it, but it was attached to, you know, those little round things in the sac.” Oh yeah, my heart stopped beating and I started hyperventilating, quietly of course, so as not to scare the child sitting next to me, being so honest about his body changes, knowing this conversation would probably never happen again. Today, Nate had a mini-meltdown at school. Hormones, I swear. See, Baby Squeak did not respond to my most valiant efforts on her behalf and died this afternoon but was very distressed for a period of time last night. Nate is understanding of this and knows that we had done everything we could to help her out. What concerned him more was the other kittens, MJ and Marco, had gone missing in the middle of the night, to freer quarters under the end table. We could hear them this morning but couldn’t see them and I told Nate that I was sure Lola could find her babies by sound and smell. He seemed okay with this but by 11:00 today it had bothered him to the point he burst out crying and they called me. He had another meltdown in the afternoon and when we got home and pulled everything apart, he found MJ and Marco and cried tears of joy. Love his little tender heart. I realized while eating dinner that his behavior over the past week or so and the tears at school were probably very hormone related and have turned my child into a two-headed demonic being. This... is gonna be fun and it’s only going to get worse. In other news. The private school determined they did not feel their school was right for Nate. I disagree but... we’ll continue on. Jeff said, “Well, you just need to work with him more.” Like I don’t already, assmunch? Also, I have applied to be the Crime Victim’s Advocate for another county other than the one I live in (but is within 15 miles). The position reports directly to the Prosecutor and I happen to know, very well, one of the assistant prosecutors and called and bent his ear today for about 30 minutes. He said he would put in a good word for me and gave me tips about interviewing with the Prosecutor. I realize this job will certainly pay less than I’m making but is one that is very close to my heart. Once I explained to Assistant Prosecutor why it was incredibly ironic that I was applying for this job, he said, “You know, you would be perfect for this position.” I’m encouraged and I’ll explain tomorrow why it’s incredibly ironic. I took the afternoon off, and the rest of this week and Monday. Why? Because I have 28 sick days and I want to. I want to get my house cleaned up and my car and my yard and start fresh. Oh, and, you know, finish a few beading projects. Jury is in exactly three weeks.
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