Thursday, July 13, 2006

Moving Right Along

Let’s talk about Nate’s birthday. Lucky little dog, born just four days after the 4th of July, kind of like his Mama, whose birthday falls in close proximity to Thanksgiving. More often than not, July 4th is the official start of Nate’s birthday. Poor kid. After our aborted attempt to see fireworks on the 3rd, we slept in the next morning and then went to the pool. It stormed again that night. Of course, at 12:01 a.m. on July 7th, we went to the premiere of "Pirates of the Caribbean." On his actual birthday, Nate and I hung out for a while, then he went to his dad’s and had a party, and then the following day Nate and I went back to the pool. This Sunday we’re going to my Mom and Dad’s and I’m assuming my brother and SIL with clan will be there. No one has gotten back to me. I’m supposed to go bead shopping in NC on Saturday... that can’t be messed up, especially since I was at the shop yesterday and the computer guy saw my necklace and wants me to make a necklace for his girlfriend’s birthday. This is where my creativity has gotten me lately.
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