Sunday, December 19, 2004


I know, I said I wasn’t going to post until Monday. Well, pffft! I lied okay? This is only a short post to tell you what a dumbass I can be and then a genius. Okay, maybe not a genius. Nate’s PS2 went on the fritz about a month or so ago. Heh, maybe longer. Naturally I was going to get him another one for Christmas. Of course, PS2 is now the HOTTEST Christmas toy and every store from here to Canada is sold out. I ended up spending... seven hours running here and there looking for this elusive monster. I come home and check online; everything is on back order and the PS2's on Ebay are now going for $200-$350. No way in hell okay? Smart me gets online to I start troubleshooting. I’m running between the computer room and the bedroom, cussing all the way, ho, ho, ho. The last thing, if all else fails, is to switch your cables. Now, there’s a novel idea. I know I have a UHF converter around here somewhere. Hell, I may even have another AV Cable. I look in Nate’s room and only find the electric hookup from the PS1. I did however find my cell phone charger in one of the boxes I looked in. Fuck it. Off to K-Mart I go. I get a UHF converter for $9 and change. I come home. Plug it in and .... it worked. So, I wasted seven fucking hours looking for something I wasn’t going to find anyway and the solution was right under my nose. Then I realized the fucking controller is missing. He and TLC took it off and it has disappeared. Still... cheaper than a new PS2. To top it off, as I was looking for the controller in the vast void of my bedroom, I lifted up the same box that had my cell phone charger in it and found... that’s right... my UHF converter AND the other AV cable. Oi. I figure that I might as well store them where I can actually find them as one or more of these things is going to wear out eventually. By the time my genius kicked in and I got all that accomplished, I then needed to start getting ready for my ultra boring office party which entailed me sitting at my desk, reading blogs and combing the tangles out of my hair. See, I don’t actually comb my hair very often. I wash it but don’t comb it. I just tend to pull my fingers through it to get the worst of the snarls out and go on my way. This doesn’t work all the time and eventually I have to sit down with a comb and comb it. It took ... about an hour. An ouchy ouchy hour. My office party... oh, just not worth going into. BO-ring. I came home and started working on one of my bead projects. When I work on my loom, I do that at my desk. But when I do other beading, I can pretty much set up shop wherever I want, which in this case, was my bed so I could watch one of my perennial favorite movies, Twister. Not having done this kind of beading, i.e. jewelry, in about two weeks, it put a little stress on my back as I do tend to sit slumped over with my head unnaturally jutted forward from my shoulders. Bad, bad, bad. I woke up this morning with an absolute pounding headache and my shoulder muscles are visibly swollen. Not knots, just the whole top of my shoulders are puffy. If you’ve never had a headache caused by stiff muscles, praise the masses! All right this is too long. I did manage to get part of my desk cleaned while waiting on these three Advil© to take effect. Now, for the rest of the house. I’ll be happy with the living room, the computer room and part of the kitchen for today. Nate and I can decorate a little when he comes home from his dad’s. Tune in tomorrow when I tell you guys what I want for Christmas and what Santa had to say.
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