Sunday, January 02, 2005

*Drumming Fingers*

I have several posts waiting in the wings. "Inanna's Best of Blogger," a multi-part series, is just sitting there, awaiting the moment when I feel most peeps, especially those listed, will be around. Plus, people are just normally drawn to lists. Actually, ha! I could post the first part as the peeps listed... aren't blogging right now and may never blog again. Well, Monday is as good a time to start as any. I got some work done today. I'm proud. The Flylady says if your kitchen is messy then it will spread to the rest of your house. So, I worked on the kitchen. I didn't do much. I cleaned all the litterboxes and put fresh litter in. I tossed all the garbage out, mostly those plastic thingys from Christmas and whatnot. Washed a few dishes, although I needed to wash a lot and actually made a home-cooked dinner, bacon-cheese fries. I actually wrapped the bacon and cheese and put them back in the refrigerator afterwards. I'm no-no-notorious for leaving shit out. I didn't sew or bead today. I'm sitting here now with ice on my right shoulder. It really, really hurts. Even after three Advil, which just dulled the pain momentarily, and a hot shower which loosened it some and my own attempts to dissolve that knot right over my shoulder blade, I sit here with ice. I know you must be thinking that I really overworked myself today. Nah, this happened earlier this morning while masturbating. Yep, that's how I hurt myself. I've hurt myself giving blowjobs too. Since my car accident in 1998, my shoulder muscles are easily aggravated and sometimes I forget that. Just one wrong move or angle or intensity and OWWWWWW!!! At least I didn't go blind. See what happens when a girl gets out of practice? While taking a shower, I wished I had what I gave my parents for Christmas, which was a home spa thing for the bathtub. I figure those jets would have felt really good against my poor shoulder. Come to think of it, I probably wouldn't have hurt myself if I had that home spa with its pulsing jet action. Damn peeps, got caught up in e-mailing and IMing and forgot all about you guys, waiting patiently... oh, yeah, I know, you didn't really have to wait. Just feeling a bit silly tonight. Got more in the works... its all about ... a book, a quilt, and you.
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