Sunday, January 02, 2005

No Where Fast

I tried to write about my sewing machine and how after two or three years of owning it, I finally had the patience to sit down and make something. It was just a little pouch, with a few gathers at the top. That was... eh. So, then I was writing about Mike leaving the Blogosphere for a time period unknown and how I sat and bawled my eyes out. Part of me wondered if I was just picking up on his feelings. It must have been a tough decision. Please. I don't want to talk about it. You'll make me cry. And I'm really ugly when I cry. My nose and eyes get real red, my face is blotchy and I just look downright pitiful. Then I wrote about how moody, morose and depressed I have been today. It has progressively gotten worse the longer the day has gone on. I have no idea why. I feel like I do when I haven't blogged or written. Maybe its Mike's feelings I'm picking up. Maybe its wishful thinking that he will be so miserable without us that he'll come back really, really soon. Unfortunately, I'm not that kind of person. I wouldn't wish any type of miserableness (is that a word?) on Mike. I wish him the best. Its my own selfishness that wants him to stay. Then I wrote about Savannah and the army of spirits I sent to Chapel Hill, my prayers and requests to the God and Goddess, and my little chit chat with Savannah herself. Or rather, my energy talked to her energy, my feelings talked to her feelings. Its a very empath sort of thing. Sorry if you don't understand. I don't do that very often, the exact same reason I don't read cards very often either. Its draining. I slept like an old coondog after a good run last night. I'm not sure I even turned over. All of that added up to an extremely long post. Then I thought of just posting the part about Savannah but its very personal. Getting into my relationship with the higher power, being an empath and my prayers is... well maybe. I don't know. So, there's the condensed version. Tally ho.
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