Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Inanna's Best of Blogger - Part Deux (and More)

A thousand pardons my friends... I almost gave up on you tonight. What a wuss I am huh? I mean, I only woke up at six this morning and came in and read Jay's blog, because that's what I do. Then I read Steve's blog, because that's what I do. Then I check my own blog, because that's what I do. Then I surf blogs and check my e-mail. Then I go back to bed for as long as I can roll over and hit the snooze button until I HAVE to get up. It was raining this morning so naturally the drive in was a bit slower but I still got to work five minutes early, yay for me. I worked today. No, for real. In between the multitude of e-mails and IMs, I actually worked. I also have started making a to-do list every evening before I leave work so its ready in the morning. I increased my Adderall from 10 to 15 by popping a capsule open and dumping half in a shot glass and then putting the pill back together. This is inefficient and I think it throws the medicine off. You have to be careful with this stuff. So, I increased it again to 20 mg. I didn't think I would need it this high but by Golly Jingos... its working. I'm noticing these changes in myself without even trying. Like, the to-do list. Granted, I only got 3 out of 5 things done, but that's more than I was doing before. It just dawned on me to do this. Not that I haven't thought of to-do lists, I just never could utilize them before. My new to-do list has today's left-overs and tomorrow's goals... yay. Then, after working all day, without a lunch, I came home and picked up the mail, went to the bank, came home and started working on my quilt block (the first one.) Wow. I would like to finish this first (really hard)one, just to see what it would look like. But, I'm totally out of my league with it. I dropped down to another design and was able to get all of the pieces cut out but not sewn together. Its posted at the bottom. While working on that, Nate and TLC got into it at TLC's house and Nate slammed the door over there. I could hear the whole thing through the vent on my a/c. Then TLC's dad yells at Nate about slamming the door. When Nate gets here, I very sternly jump his shit again. I don't care how asinine that whole family is and how TLC is with our things, but that is no excuse for Nate to be an ass himself. So, then Nate is upset and wants to walk to the grocery store to get some bread for a PB&J. I get my pedometer, my shoes and bra back on and we take off in a light drizzle. The nearest store is... by my pedometer calculations... one tenth of a mile. I'm not sure about that. We come home in a light shower and I made Nate his sandwhich then go back to my material. Then its time for dinner. I made grilled chicken breasts with garlic salt and mac and cheese. Nate had his night-time meds and we ate dinner on the bed watching Lord of the Rings. This is the 3rd night in a row that I have made dinner. Amazing. Okay, I did forget to take out the garbage and I didn't clean any more of the kitchen... but I'm seeing improvements. As Trashman would say... keep on, keepin' on. So, Nate lays down to go to sleep about 9:00 and I come back to the computer and the material. By midnight, I have the pieces cut out, I clean my desk a bit, I take a pic and post it and I'm ready for bed!! But, I know I promised the next in my blogger series and I remembered I had two beers chilling in the freezer, so I suddenly obtained a second wind... AND HERE ME AM!! In doing this Best of Blogger series, I realized I know some pretty cool peeps and, I spend ALOTTA GODDAMN TIME IN TEJAS! I probably spend more time there than I do at home. Sad but true. So, Inanna's Best of Blogger proudly presents Part Deux - The Texas Contingent...(somebody pass the tequila). Jack’s Texas Music: Posts of distinction: Bada Bing (May 23), Meth, Lies and Videotape (June 24), May the Foce Be With You (June 30), I'm a Trained Professional (July 8), Road Rage (August 23), Las Vegas aka Security! (September 7), Strength (October 24), God is a Comedian (October 26), Attack of the Secret Recipe (November 18), and more recently A New Number One (December 10). Jack has that rare ability to enslave me to his writing and nauseate me at the same time. You know you're my favorite Jack, just don't tell Jay, he'll think I'm taking up for ya. Jay’s Party: * Note - Jay's blog is one of the very first I ever started reading and commenting on.* Posts of distinction: Cheetos and Porn (June 10), Squat (June 11), Little Fucker Lied to Me (June 15), Dinner With a Side of Chickenshit (June 19), Naked Threat (July 3), Crotch Monkey (July 10), Own That Shit (July 20), Outwitted by Women (July 25), Nose Strips from Hell (August 13), Should Have Pissed in the Bushes (September 8), Who's Your Daddy? (November 22), and Will You Marry Me (January 3). *Nother Note - As I read Jay's "Will You Marry Me?" post again today, I was struck by how, even though I knew the answer, my heart was pounding and I got tears in my eyes. WTG man.* Doing Time: Trashman: Posts of distinction: Miracle on 21st Avenue (July 29), Life on the Line (Series beginning October 7), Tattooed Steel and Sex Appeal (November 2), and Retribution (December 14). GOOD MORNING SUNSHINE!! The Society Page: Kristin: Red White Black and Blue (November 8), Snap, Crackle, Pop and The Case of the Stolen Latte (December 10), Oops She Did It Again and Again and Again (December 13), and 2 Alarm, 2nd Date (December 31). Sleeping Ugly: Zelda: Posts of Distinction: Heat Wave (October 1, '03), I sprained my tongue on Valentine's Day (February 16), Ok, So I'm Drunk (June 25), Power of the ..... (June 21), Dirty Old Man (August 30), Alternatives (September 27), and More On Being Married (Which Includes Sex) (October 10). Chirotechnics: Jethro: Posts of distinction: A Little History About Me (September 24), The Car Ride Home (September 22), Backfired (October 16), Touche' (November 6) and The Parade (November 26). GOD BLESS TEJAS!!!
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