Sunday, January 16, 2005


Flying the Friendly Skies You guys know how special I am, but I didn't expect the security personnel to figure this out so quickly. Immediately upon arrival at my friendly neighborhood airport, I was detained before I could even walk through the first metal detector. My boarding pass was marked, "SSSS." Which means something like, "special selective service search," or in my case, "sit, shift, sulk, scowl." The most interesting thing about this was they didn't ask me any questions about where I was going or what I was doing. My first flight I sat beside of an interesting gentleman who was in town to discuss development along the New River Gorge ($300,000 to $1 million dollar homes). He was en route to Phoenix. My second flight from Cincinnati, I sat beside of the most adorable (fuckin' married!) guy. Had he leaned any closer to me as we approached Kansas City I would have smooched him (damn, I should have.) As I came through the vacuum tube (the gate), I was slightly nervous but more excited to see who was meeting me. Aimee? Celti? ACK! I saw both of them through the glass outside my gate. My first impression was how freakin' tall Celti seemed! I had to pee sooooo bad though (wasn't willing to give up any time with the darling next to me) that I almost walked into the men's bathroom. Bunsen had arrived ten minutes early and I was a few minutes late (I was supposed to arrive first), we just drove by and picked up her off the curb, again - I had no idea she would be as tall as she is. Of course, when you're the shortest one there, by 1/2 an inch, everyone is tall. Jamie met us at the hotel.. again taller than I expected. We Have Arrived The five of us headed for the Plaza and lunch. Katey and Pup were meeting us later. I ran off to the bathroom and heard the hostess come inside. I heard her tell the waitress who was primping in front of the mirror that she had just seated five ladies from all over the country and they were really cool. That was US!! She didn't serve us though, we had a wonderful waiter. This is when the storytelling/sharing/laughing/snorting/cutting up/teasing started and it didn't stop until... about one o'clock Sunday morning. Kansas City is a beautiful, beautiful city (they still had the Plaza Christmas lights up), the people were spitze friendly, but it was motherfuckin' butt fuckin' COLD! A balmy, bitter six degrees... it felt like a heatwave this morning when it was 19. A very nice guy asked if we wanted him to take our picture outside of Swarvoski... that's how nice the people were and really, how sweet is that?? Activities, Activities, Activities I'm sure you guys want to know what we did... We talked. We laughed. We snorted. We flashed. We ate. We drank. We shopped. We napped. Rinse. Repeat. I know what you really want to know though... so, who was the diva? Who was the Mom? Who was the brat? And who loved the boys? (HA! When pics are posted I'm sure ONE of us will explain.) And you want to know how we all got along and what our impressions were. Here's mine: Aimee Aimee has a very old soul but a very young heart. She's a planner, a list maker and pretty no-nonsense, yet full of nonsense. She's philosophical and we waxed poetic on Blogland over latte's. She laughs a lot and has the cutest snort! We made her snort a lot. Celti Celti was not quite as outgoing as I though she would be... at first. Yet, there's something about going to an adult toy store which tends to loosen a person up. Very friendly yet took a while to get the inner Celti to come out and relax with us. I could tell how much more relaxed she was Saturday as opposed to Friday which really brought out her sense of humor. Laid back and very easy to get along with. Katey Katey is absolutely so sweet, with this adorable Chicago-ish accent, and she seemed to smile all the time. I thought I would end up spending more time with her than I did, we didn't reallty get much face-to-face time but I know that we'll have other opportunities to see each other. Just a sweetheart. Regan Regan was the biggest shock. First, the height. I expected her to be about my height and she's much taller. Second, she's about as watchful as Celti but in a much quieter fashion. Very much a scientist. A lot of times she would just be sitting back, following the conversation, and suddenly she would open her mouth and this hilarious Reganesque speak would just come rolling out, she would flatten everyone with laughter, and then she would retreat again. Regan the Tsunami - pulling back and back and back and then releasing this ginormous mave of hilarity. Jamie Jamie also was taller than I had expected. Beautiful curly hair, quirky and fast witted, most likely to raise her eyebrow at you in a very cute, mocking fashion. But she can be downright serious and from meeting her I can imagine how her subtle yet biting sarcasm can go right over the heads of the people she deals with. Jamie is very youthful and its hard to imagine her being a mom, but then its not hard at all. Make no mistake about it, if Jamie puts her mind to something - LOOK OUT! Better yet, just get out of the way. Pup Very funny guy, wonderful accent, fantastic cook, hospitable, willing to wear bikini tops, let us ladies get freaky with "THE Pup" (Be scared, be very scared), rabid football fan yet the WORST FUCKING DRIVER!! If he were a cab driver, he would make a freakin' MINT! Why? Because he has to circle around a few times, like an old dog getting ready to lay down, before he gets in tune with his surroundings and the direction he wants to travel. It became a running joke... not to mention boobages and cleavages... yep. Love ya Pup! Da NannerPeach Yeah, what about me? I was disappointed that I was soooo tired. I hadn't had much sleep and I didn't want to take all of my Adderall. That combination really sucked for me. Friday, I felt like I was walking around in a fog. I did nap a bit and getting out in the bitter weather does have a way of waking you up. I really didn't hit my stride until Saturday night and then I did tarot card readings for Katey, Jamie and Regan, which totally wiped me out. (Sorry Pup and Aimee, next time.) I had absolutely a marvelous time. Putting a real voice, a real face and a real energy to them was just incredible. And no, no cat fights, no fussing, just a lot of huggin' and smoochin' and... well... you don't really need to know ALL that. Heh. Are We Lost? No, we're just not going the right direction... yep. So, we got a late start this morning since I had to shower and throw my shit in the bag and eat. I didn't even get to finish eating before we REALLY had to get on the road to the aiport. Both Aimee and I didn't follow our gut and ended up wasting precious moments getting ourselves going in the right direction (evil laughter from Pup). As we approached MCI, I was trying like hell to get a hold of someone at Delta to find out which gate I needed to be at, as, well, my flight left at 11:00 and we pulled up at two minutes til. Big Smiles! I wasn't worried... I was surpringly calm to think, "I'm gonna miss my flight." Nahhhh, I didn't. It was delayed an hour. Woot!! Oh whoops! Wait a minute!! Doesn't that bring me incredibly close to when I'm supposed to leave Cincinnati? My flight from Cincinnati had been delayed due to bad weather, ya know, snow, ice, bad winds. We landed, and I asked as I walked off the plane what time it was... 2:38. My next flight, motherfucker, was NOT delayed as I had hoped and it left at 2:50. Literally, I walked off the KC plane, walked very quickly to Gate B14, walked onto the shuttle bus, walked off at Concourse C, sprinted to Gate 10, slid through the departure gate, sprinted again down this looooonnnnnggggg ass hallway, through the doors, onto the tarmac, bounded up the steps and got in my seat. It was 2:45. I sooooo fucking rock. It is snowing like hell here now. We have at least an inch on the ground already and the wind is just bitter. Yet, at 26 degrees, I feel like I should at least put a pair of shorts on. I can't say enough about what a wonderful time I had. I look forward to more blogger meetings if I laugh as much as I did at this one. Love you guys and miss ya already!
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