Tuesday, January 11, 2005


From yesterday's post regarding cliques and Internet relationships... Bloggers are a clique. We are an exclusive group of people with a common interest. That entails all bloggers. All... million or more of us? Pretty big clique. The discussion in my comments went from baby oil and wiggling to the relationships that bloggers form amongst ourselves. Some bloggers, including myself, are a bit more open about who we are in "real" life. This is real life to me. This is no different than having a pen pal in Europe or Africa or Australia. You write, I write, we share. And someday, you want to meet that pen pal. You've grown together. Shared a multitude of things. Tried to help and encourage one another. We all hope for the best when we do meet. This is not what I expected when I became a blogger. I just wanted a diary and a place to post some of my poems and short stories. Before becoming a blogger, I wrote to AZ, but rarely, if ever, did he respond to what I had written. This was good at times but a lot of times it was a useless set of words that may have brought him some type of solace but did nothing for me in the long run. Some bloggers don't feel the same way I do. Whereas I do feel like I want to meet and form friendships with the people behind the blogs, some people don't. Sloth is one of those people. I respect that a great deal. I think that she summed it up correctly when she closed Slothville down (temporarily), "I hope you all continue to find what you need through this medium." And that's what it is... what we want Blogville, Blogland, the Blogosphere to be, it will be. This medium has many different uses and means different things to different people. And... frankly, there are individuals which I have attempted to form friendships with who have not responded. Some female, some male. It didn't make me angry or upset, it just was the way it was. I'm not going to stop visiting their blog or make asswipe comments, nor am I going to pester them. When I first started commenting on blogs, I didn't slide in with bells on, my ass on fire, hair standing on end... (I just do that now)... I peeked in, lurked a bit, commented here and there. Then as I read more blogs, read blogger's archives, got a feel for who they were, I started commenting more. Then, lo and behold, I actually posted an e-mail addy. And Seeker was the first person to use it. Actually, he had my e-mail addy before I ever posted it because he asked me to e-mail him and I did. As for romances... I've heard of some bloggers really hitting it off and meeting and there not be a spark one. Some, have found love. Like Gooch said, "I think there is a tendency to idealize. By that I mean it is easy to come off as a "good catch" via blogging. I can't think of anyone on my blog roll who doesn't come off to me as intelligent, thoughtful, funny, etc. But it is all that messy "real life" stuff (i.e., *DOES* my/their breath stink) that at the end of the day determines whether or not someone really is your best mate." I have to bow to Brother Gooch for his wisdom that we all know but want to forget. As I said, its interesting the perceptions that we leave of ourselves. I'm sure that at some point we have all wondered how we would get along with someone in the flesh (male or female). I'm about to find out and Kansas City may never be the same. But... have you ever wondered how you would get a long with a blogger that you sorta like but never really quite understood? Or a blogger you think is the shizznet, funny, bright.. but you know they're full of shit? Or what about the bloggers who are so humble and say, "I'm not all that." Do you wonder if they're really ALL THAT or if they're really NOT ALL THAT? For example, I have tried to explain that in person I CAN BE SHY. No one seems to believe me. Why is this??? Okay, I give, I'm not really shy... except around men and groups of people I don't know. I'll blush and stammer... its terrible. But I've learned how to overcome that... Tequila and lots of it. Then I'm 10 feet tall, bulletproof and on the prowl. Since I "know" ye bloggers, that shouldn't be a problem... but I'm still drinking the tequila. ;-) Did any of this make any sense???
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