Thursday, February 03, 2005

My Son is Hilarious!

Teacher wrote a big note that said, "Good Day!" on it. He told me that after last night (when I made him re-do his stuff) that he was sooooo much better. Go figure. Anyway... he cracks me up. I have a hand-held micro-cassette recorder which I purchased in early 2000 before going to my current job. I bought it to catch the sleazy boss who called me week before last on tape should I ever become so emotionally distraught that I quit and would need it for evidence of a hostile work environment. Also in case I wanted to sue for sexual harrassment. Uh, yeah, I'm sneaky that way. So, now Nate plays with it and has come up with this thing where he will tape something from a movie and then he'll rewind and play and then tape again something, like him singing like a cat, and then he'll stop and rewind and see how it fits in with the movie stuff he already put on there. I can hear him going around singing and talking into the recorder and then I hear the VCR being rewound and then played and when he has his finished product he comes and plays it for me. I'm not sure if its luck of the draw or if he's really that good that he can get all of this shit to work out and actually come up with something. Since its almost four in the morning and there's no chance of him catching me, I decided I would share some of it with you guys. I proudly present... Nate and Friends.
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