Wednesday, February 02, 2005


I got one. I just twisted my neck and it popped in five or six different places. Nate came home with another "F" yesterday and I made him sit down and re-do the paper. He did very well... for about 20 minutes and then he just wandered off in his mind somewhere. Yet in that 20 minutes he was able to accomplish a lot of work. He also "forgot" his math assignment which I found under his tray at school this morning. Luckily, I had the other four math assignments he "forgot" in my car and he had to do it anyway. We sat down last night and pulled up the AR book list. For those not familiar, AR means "accelerated reader." The kids have to read books which are assigned a grade and point level. Nate has to have so many points per nine weeks. His teacher told me this morning he is already behind for this nine weeks. If he reads "Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator" he will be caught up (its 5 points.) I used to have "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" but I don't know where it is, naturally. We did find a great number of AR books in my house last night. Two "Nate the Great" books, a "Junie B. Jones", "Call of the Wild," which Nate was very interested in. He was more interested in reading, "Kidnapped" instead of "Treasure Island" and naturally all I have is "Treasure Island." "Robin Hood," "Harry Potter and (fill in the blank)," "The Hobbit," and the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy (which I can barely muddle through), "Bridge to Terabithia," "The Black Cauldron," and "The Book of Three," (all of which I can't find but know I put out for Nate to read at one point.) My mom has all of my "Little House on the Prairie" books. I think I'll run down and pick up "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" at lunch. Its also worth 5 points and I think its something he would enjoy. I thought he would also enjoy "Tales of Fourth Grade Nothing" and "Superfudge," since he's, hopefully, going to fourth grade next year. I've spent a lot of money on books in the past week.... more than I can afford. So, while Nate worked on his reading comprehension last night, I worked on a file from the office and we "raced." I won because I actually finished. I timed him on 20 math problems... took him under two minutes, yet took him 2 hours to finish the other 80. Go figure. Alas, my mother again. She called to tell me something, oh, that my brother is leaving the 15th of February for Alabama. Then she asked for my new e-mail address since I rarely check the address she has. I gave her my "inanna1121" address. Then I had to explain the significance of Inanna. She understood the whole "Goddess of War" thing and the lion/cat connection but then she asked, "Oh, is that your blogger name?" NO. Its not my blogger name. You just shouldn't mess around in shit that is none of your business. Regardless of how much I love my mom, we see eye to eye on virtually nothing. If we do agree on it, we don't agree on how to do it or how to get there. My German mother "accidentally" read my diary once and got her feelings hurt severely. If I wanted her to look inside my mind I would give her the URL and put an ambulance on stand-by. I've been thinking of pushing for charter school legislation in WV. There is none right now and I would like to start a charter school more geared toward ADHD/ADD/Exceptional students. We're not doing enough for these types of kids. I've even thought of going back to college for my teaching degree. That's what I orginially started out in was education. Since my goal after Nate gets older is TEFL (teaching English as a foreign language), why not just do it now. Work is kicking my ass and it hurts.
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