Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Short, Sweet Update

Hi everyone! I'm at my sister's right now. Yay! My trip has been wonderful!!! Excellent weather the entire time other than yesterday when it was quite cool. It did rain when I spent the day with Seven and my cousin on the French Quarter but we watched from the safety of "The Chart Room." Seven has already blogged about it and I'll be adding more later. I drove straight through from WV to LA in 14 hours. I drove from LA to TX today... a nice 6 hour jaunt. A funny thing happened in Atchafalaya, Louisiana. Remind me to tell you. I've already seen the beautiful Brighton and met 5/6ths of the family (lovely Annie wasn't home). Brighton is WON-DER-FUL!! More on her later too. Talked to Trashman, Zelda, and Jethro. You should have heard Jethro laugh when I called him "Jethro." I'm meeting up with Z tomorrow after I see about my cell phone. Then Brighton, Travis, Z. and Jeth and I are going out for margaritas. Unfortunately, due to work constraints I won't get to meet T-Man this time around. My sinuses have been bugging the crap out of me!!!!!!! And my hair, dear God, I forgot what humidity does to my hair. Just look on Seven's blog... that will tell ya all you need to know. Talked to Nate today. He misses his Mama but at least he didn't cry. I got him a shark's tooth necklace, a bag of Mardi Gras beads, and my aunt sent him two pearls that my uncle bit into. The food has been ... oh... making me fat. There's a cheesecake place right below my cousin's house. We've been there twice already. I plan on going again before I leave. YUM!! So, that's the short version. Mileage and bathroom breaks will just have to wait until I get home and get myself situated. Catch you guys on the flipside. I'll be checking in before I leave TX.
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