Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Your Instructions Are...

*The instructions are at the bottom!* Extra * Leese won the "where did I go" contest. It was Vegas. As we flew out there, we did get diverted over the "Mile High City" - Denver. However, the reference to both "sand and snow" was the spectacular view of Bryce Canyons as we flew over Utah. The mountains were still snow covered and contrasted beautifully against the red canyons. I was in awe. And I thought seeing the Cascades from the air was incredible. America is beautiful. I hope one day to visit Bryce Canyons in the flesh. The reference to water was Lake Meade.* I’m tired! Wow! I did NOT want to get out of bed this morning. Geez. I hate being this tired but it was worth it. I’ve taken a startling shine to Twinkies ©. (For ya’ll non-Southerners - To "take a shine to": to like or covet.) Elongated, spongy, white creamy filling... mmmmmm... *Nanner looks up* Shut up. When I got on the plane for that place I went, I saw a young man with a Lynyrd Skynyrd shirt on. It said something about being proud to be from the South. I looked at him and I said, "You’re not really from the South are ya?" He turned red and said, "No, but I can tell you ah." Dat’s right mofo!! FREEEE BYRD!!! I just went to get some more coffee cuz I need it really bad. Now, some Einstein decided to make a pot of high test and then cart it off downstairs and not offer me a cup. Fine. However, the same Einstein decided they would put more water in the coffee maker to make another pot... then didn’t put new grounds in the basket, nor tell anyone they put more water in the maker... so when Nanner goes to make coffee... there’s a flood. Instead of working on real stuff, or blogging, or editing my other novella, I was cleaning up water. Then I had to run the coffee maker sans coffee so I could clear out all the excess water. Good thing its hump day. I love ye olde Bloggers. I snorted, coughed, and laughed my way through Lois Lane’s post yesterday. And then found a wonderful new blog from HarleyWriter, not to be confused with HarleyQuinn, who is also a wonderful lady. (Sorry, I have to write on WordPerfect and I can’t remember all of the sites to link - which I’m doing by writing my own HTML) I admire peeps who can write comedy. I have to be in a certain mood, the moon has to be in the first day past full, Mercury in the sign of Cancer and aligned with Pluto for me to effortlessly crack myself up. The last time that happened was when I wrote my Fruit of a Christian post. I just had to pop my boob out of my bra and scratch it. Sometimes that happens. I wonder how the Peon is doing in Costa Rica... I really like the word "rica". What does it mean? Oh, rich. Derr herr... So, the Rich Coast and the Rich Port (that's Puerto Rico). I’m lazy. I haven’t updated my links forever and I have a whole list of people to add. Like Ciggy, BooBoo, Magikgrl, JamDaddy, Restless Angel... and HarleyQuinn, Ashley, Seamus, Noonie, Green-Eyed Lady, ummmm... okay, I forgot. I have a whole list somewhere, which I will have to find or re-make. I also have to put Lovisa and a certain Undercover Person That I Can’t Talk About But Is Finally Back in the rotation again. I think there is someone that needs to be moved to the Sabbatical list but damned if I know who that is either. Jeanette and I both like roast beef on pumpernickel. I know ya’ll care that’s why I said that. I bought the new Writer’s Market yesterday and I also bought the 2004 book for $8.00. I like the articles at the front of the book and it was eight bucks... couldn’t pass it up. I’m determined that someone is going to get published this year. May not be me, but by golly, its gonna be somebody!! So, if you have an article or story or any other creative endeavor that you would like to submit, I would be glad to browse the Writer’s Market for you. I will say again, "Chicken Soup for the Soul" is always looking for new stories for their anthologies. New titles are listed on the website. I see a lot of stories around the Blogosphere which are just as good, if not better, than the stories that are picked for the Soup Series. Here’s a few of the new subjects listed: Adopted , Alzheimers, Breast Cancer Survivors, Children With Special Needs, Christian Soul, Christmas Virtues, Cowboy’s, Crafters and Quilters, Scrapbookers, Sisters, Sisters and Brothers, Recovery, a new health series featuring: Asthma, Anxiety, Depression, etc. a general category, etc, etc. etc. They now have a travel section for each part of the US. I was going to embarrass you peeps and list the particular people that I know have excellent stories that would make a beautiful addition to any of the above plus the ones that are listed on the website. Yes, I have submitted before and I will submit again. So, neener, neener! If you submit or are thinking of submitting or if you find that you resemble any of the above, please e-mail me at and let me know so I don’t have to e-mail you and encourage (shame) you into it. You know who you are... yes you. I know that some days I get over a 100 unique hits. That means that at least 50 people that have a home and work computer are reading me. That means I should expect 50 freakin’ e-mails!!! I mean all of you. Hop to it... right now. Visit the website, pick a book, hell, pick a couple. I know some of you have more than one story that would fit more than one book. Read the guidelines. Submit. I want those e-mails coming in. I will name names if I don’t hear from you. I know I have a great many lurkers... you may or may not be safe! I think I will submit a title too... hmmmm... looks like I need to do a proposal packet. I’M DOING IT!! I’M SO DOING IT!! RIGHT NOW!!! Wow!! Wish me luck, this is involved and I have no "real" experience but I’m going for it!! Write, submit, and be happy!!
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