Thursday, December 22, 2005

I Wish I Was Mrs. Claus

If I were Mrs. Claus then I could hitch a ride with the big guy the one who brings the gifts and watches children sleep who eats the pickled eggs and drinks the beer while reindeer wait on prancing feet I would rouse each of you with a soft caress and a feather soft kiss and whisper a holiday greeting before disappearing into the night leaving fairy dust as the wind blows me away in snowy, swirling gusts Away I would fly nestled in the sleigh while you turn and sigh and sleep safe and sound and full of good dreams of mistletoe kisses and candy cremes In the morn when you awake and your feet first hit the floor and your family dances in my fairy dust I expect you to laugh, ha ha ha! And sing, fa la la la la la la la la Yes, I wish I were Mrs. Claus so I could visit you all and hug you and squeeze you and kiss your foreheads Instead I’ll leave some fairy dust so you remember Inanna was here and wishes you the best of holiday cheer!
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