Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Post With No Strikethroughs - For Trashman

Hope you all had a wonderful day yesterday. I have a job interview today at noon, which was scheduled at 9 this morning. I told the attorney I was not dressed for an interview and she said she wasn’t either as she was down from Pittsburgh looking at files. It’s a Corporate gig with an Oil & Gas Company. The attorney sounds really nice. She said normally HR calls but since she’s in town she decided to do it herself. I like her already. I did complete my Federal application but who knows if I can even get an interview. I suppose if I got this job I could always move forward with the Federal job, since I’m sure it would take three months to complete the background check and five or six interviews. Sensei Smiley was not so smiley yesterday. Neither was Sensei Blondie nor any other Sensei in the building. A definite air of disgruntlement wafted about the dojo. Sensei Smiley walked past me four times with neither smile nor nod or glance in my direction or any direction for that matter. Although Sensei Blondie did glance my direction more than once. However, it appeared as though their Valentines had pissed in their cornflakes and then left them for another. I cleaned out my car most of the way yesterday and found my make-up case, which is good, since it has a brush in it too. Yes, some mornings are so hectic, I forget to brush my hair. I rarely wear make-up, especially in summer, but I don’t guess I look half bad, maybe I’ll try it more often. That’s about it. Have a good one.
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