Friday, February 03, 2006

Mix and Match

Nate was really getting on my nerves last night. I told him I was PMSing and it was in his best interest not to piss off the Mommy. He didn’t understand the term "PMSing" so I very rant-like reminded him of the birds and bees and hormones and periods. His response, "Well, could you just have your period at work instead of here?" *Scowl* ***** Babies, babies, babies!!! T-Bird’s sister had her baby by C-section on Tuesday. A boy named Alijah, weighing 7 lbs. 3 oz. And Mrs. Mogul had her baby, a boy weighing 7 lbs. 5 oz. yesterday. Go wish Mr. and Mrs. Mogul congratulations on their bundle of joy! It may be the first time that Blogger thoughts and wishes have put someone in labor. Hey, she asked for it. Today is my co-worker Sissy’s last day. She’s going on maternity leave. Her baby, also a boy, is due the 20th of March but I’d bet money she goes much earlier. I think their due date is really off. She’s having a lot of swelling and she concerned about pre-eclampsia. Sadly, I’m pretty sure I won’t be here when she gets back. ***** I’ve been attempting to delete, copy, save, send, and otherwise back up my personal files from my work computer. Do you know how many personal files I have? Almost six years worth. I’ve decided I just need to make sure I have "Rainy Day," "Higher House," "Chrysalis," "Coin," "Hunting Season," my resumes and cover letters and I’ll be okay. Those will be sent via e-mail, plus saved on disc. ***** Its Superbowl weekend!! I’ll miss the first 15 minutes by picking up Nate but maybe I’ll get to see opening kick-off at Jeff’s. Then again, maybe I’ll just tell him I’m going to pick him up a few minutes early so the game won’t be interrupted. Oh, yeah, good idea! Naturally also, since Nate won’t be here, its going to be a crappy, rainy, snowy weekend! So, the outside of my house will continue to look like crap!! How does all this stuff get in my yard??? Hopefully, I will get the inside cleaned up. I want to make some of my delish meatballs and weenies for the game. The best meatballs I ever made were a few years ago at New Year’s. Half a dozen ingredients, roll the out, bake them, then put them in a crock pot with barbeque concoction... YUM!!! GO STEELERS!!!
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