Saturday, July 15, 2006

But. . . Let's See What Happens Tomorrow

Shop time! AZ and I kicked the guys out of the shop so we could sit and talk and talk we did. I brought up a lot of points to him, didn’t beat around the bush, and he was open and, I feel, honest and so was I, especially about the situation at the shop and the rest of his life, his issues, my life, my issues, us, and our issues. A lot was personal to him so I can’t get into it, but, it was a good start. A very good start. Bad Nanner. *Ahem* Anyway, I have decided that even though unemployment is paltry that if I don’t take the time to work on my jewelry and get a big batch going that I’ll never be successful at it and I really do need to be successful at it. AZ and I worked out a deal. I get space in the shop for all of my beads, tools, etc. as it has now taken over my house and I have beads in a every room, even the bathroom, and I spent too much time looking for what I need. AZ was telling me I could clean out drawers and move racks and things to make it more comfortable. Whatever I wanted. In return, I’ll make sales calls, crack the whip, organize and get a system going, basically, as we’ve skirted around, run the office. I was very direct with him this evening on that measure. I can make sales calls and still bead. Once I get a system going and get him organized, which he hates being disorganized, then hopefully things will smooth out for us all. As much as my house is a disaster, I’m very much a perfectionist, which is why I’m such a good beader, and AZ is very much a perfectionist as well. Yeah, we tend to somewhat alike. Finances will be extremely tight after the end of August here for a while but I have to take this chance. AZ and I are still discussing money issues as neither of us have very much at this time. I’ll have unemployment after this job ends and I’ll have my money from my demonstration at the end of August and whatever else I can sell in jewelry. I have to be juried again to get in another shop, but it shouldn’t be a problem. Only problem is, it is consignment not direct pay. Regardless, I have to do this and try to get things off of the ground. Otherwise, I may as well pack in Peachworks and call it a day. Basically, AZ said I could do whatever I had to do to get things organized, I could have the run of the shop for my beads and work on them anytime, I was to keep the shop running smoothly as far as personnel issues, make sales calls, have the flexibility I need for Nate and doing other things for my beadwork, like fairs and festivals, and tell the guys to shut up and get back to work if I had to, which, I’ll probably have to. We brain-stormed about personnel, sales, marketing, and other shite that would bore you guys to tears and wouldn’t make much sense. His main concern with having me there? Paraphrased, “Keeping my hands off of you,” whilst burying his face between my bare breasts. Somehow, I can’t imagine complaining about that. (Please don't be concerned, just let me enjoy the moment!) Off to NC in the morning to buy beads and see the Mistress of Doom herself, El Sid. Ya’ll have a great weekend.
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