Friday, December 03, 2004

AZ Called

I was in bed early last night because I was exhausted. I was drifting around in La-La Land when the phone rang at 8:55. In my mind I said, "That's AZ." Yep. I was a little bit groggy and he asked if I was okay and I just told him I was really tired and it had been a very long week. He said he had a week of Mondays himself. AZ: I got your letter. Inanna: I figured. AZ : I HAD NO IDEA! I : Yeah, I figured that out today too. I forgot since I was being nice when I dumped Lex that I didn't tell you how bad he treated me because he was your friend. AZ: Hmmm... (Various bitches, gripes, groans and observations follow) AZ: I've noticed he pushes people away. I: Bingo and he'll be alone for the rest of his life unless he realizes that everyone gets hurt, you deal, you move on. AZ: I know. Hey, I'm sorry about your kitten. I: Thanks. She wasn't going to make it. Just happened at the most inopportune moment. (Talk about our pets insues) I: I told you I'm making beaded jewelry, you should stop by and see some of it. Maybe.. (cuts me off) AZ: I thought I'd catch up with you this weekend. (Said quickly) I: *pause* *pause* Sure. I'll be around. AZ: Well, I have to call one of my former renters back about his deposit and he's just going to make me mad so I want to walk the dog first. Do not walk the dog mad. (Makes reference to "Groundhog Day" about not driving mad.) (We laugh, say good bye, hang up) I contemplate what he said... briefly, then I lay down and sleep like a baby and know there's nothing I can do other than, let it flow.
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