Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Lune Bug

Spider web glitters Spinning its silky, wavy web All so busy ~By Nate (02/14/05) My son, the poet! I'M SO PROUD!! I had another post but blogger ate it. It was about how I wanted to throttle Nate for taking 5 hours to do his Math. Then, I didn't finish the post because I laid down with him because he's scared of the dark again due to the SD stupid girlfriend and her stupid Boogeyman movie. I'll Boogeyman her! Anyway! ROADTRIPPIN' TIME!!! March 5th/6th - to Nashville to visit AJ. End of March/Beginning of April - (tentative) NOLA/Houston. CooterAng will be in NOLA around the 14th. Hop over to Cootersnap for the final dates. April 15th/16th - (with my cousin) Atlanta for the GA Renn Fest. Aimee is contemplating coming out, Seven is too, and Regan lives there. May (first weekend) - Northern VA to see Troy before he leaves for Afghanistan. May 14th/15th - (with my cousin) TN Renn Fest outside of Nashville. I'm bringing Nate to this one. Summer - Jamie and I are in the "hoping" stages of taking our boys to Holiday World Amusement Park in Indiana. Join the Nanner Peach World Wide Whirlwind Tour of '05!!!
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