Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I'm A Travelin' Peach - Part I

I know, I know, I know. You don’t REALLY want to hear about all the miles I drove, the wrecks I saw, the food I ate, how many different kinds of margaritas I had, and cheesecake, and some stoner trying to pick me up in Beaumont, Texas. You want to hear about Seven, Brighton, Zelda, Jethro, Tinyhands, and, my second trip to see AJ. I know what you want. Fine. I’ll post pictures tomorrow or Thursday or both. Seven I was late meeting him and I hoped that he had called his mom as I had reached her on the phone to let her know we were going to be late. I searched all around Cafe Du Monde for him and didn’t see him so I went to stand in line with my cousin. After about five minutes I spotted him standing on the corner, craning his neck. I waved my arms to get his attention. He kind of looked shell-shocked. Guess even in NOLA its unusual for people to look like they’re doing the Y-M-C-A. We were able to get a seat and Seven graciously paid for our brief respite of the most wonderful coffee and beignets. YUM! We chit-chatted about this and that, the weather, which was kinda crappy, although given the fact I’ve been in NOLA during the heat of summer, it was a welcome change. At least it kept the smell down. Seven was a very good sport about our shopping plans. NOLA has some great shops for voodoo, hoodoo, jewelry, nice clothes, and beads! BEADS! Oh...ahem. Anyway, as we walked along we talked about his plans for the future and how my trip was going. Like he said on his blog, we walked for a VERY LONG TIME. Luckily we took a break right about the time the rain started and we kicked back in relative comfort while watching the rain drip off the canopies. Seven was a little more quiet in person than I had anticipated. He’s rather nice-looking and I don’t think his pictures do him much justice. As we talked about his future plans in web design, I could see the wheels turning in his head, full of ideas! For those who don’t know, Seven is who did my blog design. During our late lunch, Seven ordered some fried oysters which were undoubtedly the best fried oysters I’ve ever had. They were perfect! The Po-Boys (I had catfish and shrimp), were incredible, if not messy. Very messy! I actually ended up dropping a tomato into my shoe as when I sat down I took my sandals off and put my feet under me. (Yes, blisters) and that’s how the tomato fell in my shoe. Anyway, due to my tight schedule and trip to Houston, I knew I wouldn’t have anymore free time while in NOLA. My cousin’s birthday party was also during that week, so indeed I was a busy Nanner. I want to thank Seven for his generosity (he purchased a gift for me - a butterfly hair clasp). I’m so glad we got to meet each other and learn a little about the person behind the blog. Brighton I talked to Brighton Sunday evening before I left for Houston. We talked for quite a while and hit it off immediately. Her home is located about 15 miles from my sister so this saved me having to brave Houston traffic. I arrived right behind Sarah as she exited her special school bus in her wheelchair. Brighton introduced me to her sons, David and Hunter. Unfortunately, Annie wasn’t home. Brighton’s home is just beautiful and very classy and elegant. A lot like... Brighton. She is firm but very loving with her kids. Very firm... as Hunter found out as he tried to cajole chocolate milk out of her. She also does it with a distinct sense of humor. Hunter did crack me up by coming up to me and saying, "I pooped in the potty," which Brighton had warned me was coming. It did. He was so adorable!!! Especially since he also doesn’t care much for clothes. Hahahahahahahaha!!! Unfortunately, I didn’t break out the camera!!!! ACK!! So, sorry. I did stick my foot in my mouth... as I was discussing a cousin who had been married quite a number of times, to which Brighton... ahemed... as she has also had her fair share of marriages. Brighton, honey.... like I said, NO COMPARISON. She’s working on number... five. If she had the intelligence, drive, determination, and class you have in your little finger, she’d be so much better off!! And that IS Brighton. Intelligent, adorable, classy, outgoing, bubbly, and sharp. Nothing gets past her. You can tell she’s used her life experience to make her life better. She’s learned from her mistakes. You can tell from the warmth of her smile and the look in her eyes how she feels. And boy, was that evident when her husband came home. Travis and I didn’t have much of an opportunity to talk but I felt like I got a good look at his character from Brighton... and something I’ll talk about later in the post. Zelda and Jethro Like Brighton, Zelda and I talked for quite a while on the phone before I went to her house to spend the day. Now, some of you, behind Le Blog, had expressed concern that Zelda and I would lock horns. We have the same views on where we want our country to go, just not on how to get there. We don’t agree on abortion, the war in Iraq, or Terry Schiavo. I had a few thoughts myself but Zelda told me at some point, "You know, we have a lot more in common than not." And we do. The best part is... we both realize that we’re not going to change each other’s minds on the issues we disagree on, which leaves, little to argue about. Love her heart, I showed up a wee bit earlier than she expected and caught her in the middle of laundry. However, her darling daughter, Emma, was more than happy to keep me company while Z. flitted around. What an adorable little girl!! Made me want a little girl!! In the worst way. Jethro came in later and I sat for a moment and looked at him because he didn’t see me laying on the couch. (How’s that for blogger comfort?) I have to say, they were both exactly what I thought they would be - intelligent, funny, informed, honest, forthright, and very complimentary to one another in the sense of finishing each other’s sentences, and looking at each other as though to gather their thoughts. Its hard to describe Zelda... in that she’s a lot like Brighton, a lot like myself in personality, but has this very mature undertone. She’s very warm, and she smiles beautifully. She and Jethro are such... a cool couple who I really admire. They work hard and are content and happy to be with each other. They have a great peacefulness about them that I like. Jethro is as smart and articulate as you would think, with a bit of seriousness, yet... a great sense of humor lurking underneath. Not to mention, they fed me some great food and graciously opened their home, children, and couch to me for almost two days!!! Thank you so much from the absolute bottom of my heart!!! Now, here’s the interesting thing which I mentioned above about Brighton and Travis, and the same applies to Jethro and Zelda. I was able to observe these couples in a potentially awkward setting, I mean, why take my word for it how wonderful someone is??? As everyone had a few drinks and relaxed, I started picking up the body language. Did you know women read body language 10 times better than men? And what I noticed, was how casually Travis had his arm along the back of Brighton’s chair, as though he just needed somewhere to put it. Until... He absentmindedly ran his fingers up to her shoulder and smoothed a piece of her hair back behind her ear. I don’t think either of them really realized that he had even done it. I was sitting beside of Zelda, and Jethro, likewise, had his arm on the back of her chair. Sometime during the night, I watched him reach up and smooth his fingers through the strands of her hair and kind of moved it off of her shoulder, and she leaned forward and placed her hand on his thigh. Again, I’m not sure they even realized it. Then again, maybe they did. I, for one, found it really... moving. To the point I just got a big lump in my throat. I enjoy seeing my friends happy and in good relationships. I’m happy they will give their children a good example of what love really is. (As for Emma and Gwennie, well, they just deserve their own little post.) ****************************************** Now, before I get all maudlin, or am I there? I need to go. I’m terribly sorry, Tinyhands and AJ will have to wait until tomorrow. Why? Because I quit smoking Sunday night or Monday morning. That means, I’M NOT VERY FUCKING HAPPY!! I feel like I have a 50 lb. weight on my head and I would like to strangle someone. Shut up telling me I’ll feel better. Shut up telling me its for my own good and shut up telling me you’re proud. I really don’t want to fucking hear it. I WANT A FUCKING CIGARETTE!!! *Overheard* *ring ring* Nate: Hello? T-Bird: Is your mom there? Nate: Yeeeeahhhhhhh... but... she’s a weeeee bit cranky right now. BWHAHAHAAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!!! *snarl*
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