Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Just a bit of cheating....

That's how I'll describe my quit smoking campaign. What's a campaign without someone cheating? Oh, forgot, this isn't politics. I did, I cheated. I repent before thee. No, really, I don't. I enjoyed every one of those five cigarettes. By this time I would have smoked somewhere between 180 and 220 cigarettes... five... I can deal with. I've started eating healthier and walking/jogging. I really don't care to gain weight from this. Matter of fact, I want to lose some. There's a new bead shop in town and its at the top of this hill up from where I work. Its not an incredibly long distance but its very steep. I have to turn left from my office, then turn left at the next corner, walk a little over a block and then turn right to go over the bridge. It crosses the highway and the river. I then turn right to head up the hill. The lady who runs the bead shop asked me, "Did you walk again today?" Nawwww... I'm just in jogging pants, tennis shoes, and sweating like a whore because I drove up here in air conditioning. Good thing I quit smoking... I spent $53 on beads yesterday. I'm trying to get enough pieces done to enter them to be juried on Sunday. I have exactly... uhhhh... well... nothing done right now. Fear not peeps! I have half of a choker finished. And half of a bracelet. And more beads for another necklace. And earrings are always great in a pinch. As I sit typing this my little brain is flipping over a design for earrings to go with the bracelet I'm making. I'm using delica beads for the first time. What are delicas? They're Japanese seed beads know for their variable colors and uniform size which makes your pieces very ... precise and, well, uniform. There, you learned something today. I don't care if it was useful or not. Don't you ever play Trivial Pursuit? Never going to be on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" huh? You know what? I still feel a bit cranky. Okay... a lot cranky.
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