Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Dropped little dude Nate at his summer camp this morning. He took off playing soccer with a little kid he didn’t know. I tried to tell him bye but he was already in Camp Zone or Zone Camp. I had Nate join the Y so I could get a discount on his camp. Sue me. Everyone does it and it was their idea. (Why don’t they just discount the freakin’ camp?) I’m saving boatloads of money by doing this. Yay!!! And, I actually like the facility and I’m thinking of joining myself. Me, moi, joining a gym? Hey, what was that sound? That sonic boom kinda sound... oh, never mind, it was just hell freezing over and cracking down the middle. Nate’s very proud of his YMCA membership card. He said, "Finally! A card with MY name on it." Yeah, I know how cute he is... Image hosted by ...but please, feel free to tell me again. He got all B’s and one C on his last nine weeks report card. His yearly average wasn’t great but.... its 3rd fucking grade and he passed to 4th grade. That’s all I asked of him. Grades C and above, pass to 4th. He did it. We’re going to Holiday World Labor Day weekend to celebrate. I’m hoping Jamie and her boys may be able to join us. Hell, you’re all invited!!! I’m tired and haven’t had the patience (for once) to bead. Anyone waiting on a finished product will have to wait just a bit longer. Not a whole lot longer, just a bit longer. Oh, speaking of beading. I ran into two ladies from the Center for Economic Development who are involved with the "Showcase WV" thingy for peeps like me. They want to help me get my business off the ground and show and sell my jewelry. How cool is that? I hope to have my room cleaned up this weekend so I can do some major work on finishing some projects. I’ve kicked around several ideas for a name for my business. I still haven’t made the final decision but in the running are: Peachworks, Beadle Juice, and Attention Deficit Designs (since I try not to make two things exactly alike and I’m so ADD). Feel free to vote. I got a beautiful card from Cybele with a photograph of her and the earrings I made and a super sweet note from Brighton via SNAIL MAIL. Peeps... send someone a snail mail note/card/letter today!!! It makes life so much better. Okay, I gotta nap. Oh, crap! I’m at work!! If I hide under the desk they’ll never know. Cheers!
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