Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Who Shall I Be?

Eeep! Its almost here... the new Harry Potter book. I've already pre-paid for mine at a local bookstore and I was wondering... who am I going to dress up like? My first thought was Nymphadora Tonks from OP. Tonks is an auror and Metamorphamagus, which is someone who can change their appearance at will. I could go as myself and still be Tonks. She's close to my age but I imagine her with short, spiky hair, the look which she favors in the book. Then I thought of Rita Skeeter. I resemble Rita with my glasses, blond hair, and Quik Quotes Quill. Rita was the vicious reporter from GF and OP. Its my understanding she's back in full swing in HBP. Of course, one of my favorite characters, brilliantly portrayed by Emma Thompson in POA, is Professor Trelawney, the divinations teacher. I have the clothes but lack the big eyeglasses. I can also teach divinations myself. Someone suggested one of Tonk's aunt, namely Bellatrix Black LeStrange or Narcissa Black Malfoy. I do not resemble Bellatrix in the least, however, according to the Harry Potter Lexicon, I could easily pass for Narcissa Malfoy. I also thought of Madame Rosmerta, the owner of "The Three Broomsticks," a pub in Hogsmeade, a wizarding village. I just took a couple "Which Harry Potter Character Are You" Quizzes and not surprisingly, they all came back as Hermione. Except one which was based on the secondary characters. According to that one...

[i'm firenze!]
...and which lesser Harry Potter character are you?

So, what say you?
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