Friday, July 01, 2005

Shorts of 1996

(I got stopped by the Po-leese yesterday. A state trooper. ROWRRRR... my registration is expired, mainly because I’m poor and the stupid county hasn’t sent my tax ticket. He had beautiful eyes and forest green is so becoming on hot trooper bodies and just made those blue peepers and dark eyelashes stand out that much more. Then I remembered Jeff used to be an officer, and well, that shot all my fantasies to hell. ) This time nine years ago I was 37 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Before Nate’s birth We had one of the worst blizzards in American history, killing more than a 100 people on the East Coast. Hilary Rodham Clinton testifies before a grand jury in the Whitewater Scandal. The Dunblane Massacre in Dunblane, Scotland occurred, killing 16 children and one adult. Lyle and Erik Menendez were found guilty of first degree murder in the deaths of their parents. An 81 day standoff began between federal agents and antigovernment Freeman in Jordan, Montana. Also in Montana, Ted Kaczynski was arrested as the suspected Unabomber. A sudden storm engulfed Mount Everest leaving 8 dead. ValuJet Flight 592 crashes in the Florida Everglades killing 110. Romer vs. Evans was decided in the Supreme Court. They ruled against a law that would have prevented any city, town, or county in Colorado from taking any judicial, legislative, or executive action to protect the rights of homosexuals. A cease-fire is negotiated by Russian President Boris Yeltsin in The First Chechnya War. The Onion is launched on the Internet. The Khobar Towers in Saudia Arabia were bombed killing 25 US servicemen. Right before and after Nate was born : The 1996 Olympics started in Atlanta, Georgia. Martina Hingis would become the youngest woman to ever win at Wimbledon. Dolly the cloned sheep was born. TWA Flight 800 would explode off the coast of New York. The Centennial Olympic Park bombing would kill one and injure 111. Their Royal Highnesses, The Prince and Princess of Wales, were formally divorced at the High Court in London. Tupac Shakur was shot in Las Vegas, NV following a Mike Tyson fight. The Taliban captured the capital city of Kabul, Afghanistan. The O.J. Simpson civil trial begins. Bill Clinton defeats Bob Dole to win his second term as President. The top grossing films of 1996: Independence Day - Twister - Mission Impossible - Jerry Maguire - Ransom Best Picture Oscar: The English Patient Other notable movies: Fargo - Shine - Trainspotting Primary Colors by Anonymous (Joe Klein) was released. Evita and The Hunchback of Notre Dame were released. Lisa Marie Presley files for divorce from Michael Jackson. Phil Collins leaves Genesis. MC Hammer files for bankruptcy. Penthouse is allowed to publish still shots from the infamous Tommy Lee/Pamela Anderson Lee video. Linkin Park forms “One Sweet Day” (Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men) spends 16 consecutive weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Comet Hale-Bopp can be observed with the naked eye. Carl Sagan dies. Swede Goran Kropp reaches Mount Everest summit alone without oxygen after having bicycled there from Sweden!! Dale Jarrett win the Indy 500. Terry Labonte is the Nascar champion. The Yankees won the World Series. The Bulls win over the SuperSonics for the NBA Championship. Todd Eldridge and Michelle Kwan were tops in figure skating. The Cowboys beat the Steelers 27-17 in the Super Bowl. Boris Becker, Steffi Graf, Monica Seles and Pete Sampras were on top in tennis. Find out more about 1996 here.
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