Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Rush, rush, rush

I’ve been so busy!! And its not going to get any better. I’ve only got 4 ½ more hours to work and I’ve got a ton of shit to do. I’ve got clothes on the line at home, waiting to be packed. I’m meeting my mom for dinner to drop off Nate. He’s not a happy camper. Not happy at all. I’ll work on that when I get home. My pumpkins are not growing very well!! Hiss! I still have litter boxes to clean and the front room and half a dozen things at home. My boss is pissed because my vacation request never made it to his office so he had no idea I was leaving. Our vacation request forms specifically state: Employee section (where I request the time off with dates), Office Administrator section (where the OA lists the time I have accumulated and whether anyone else has requested that time), and Partner section (where the partner approves or denies the request.) The OA signed off on the Partner section. I didn’t look. I saw some scribbling at the bottom approving the time and I stuck it in the drawer. So... not a great way to leave for vacation. He was really pissy and made me feel about an inch tall. *Sigh* Saw my first police chase today. Some doofus was weaving on the highway and the county sheriff was trying to pull them over. They just kept weaving. A little further down a State Trooper had someone pulled over and he got in the chase. Then two city police officers joined in. Not sure what became of the them. We saw some peeps pulled over off the interstate ramp but the vehicle didn’t look the same. Who knows. Stupid people. That’s about it. I’ll be out until next week. Miss me.
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