Sunday, November 06, 2005

Updates All Around

So, I’ve been writing a lot this weekend and I’m over 11,600 strong on “Coin.” I’m hopeful that once we have this meeting at Nate’s school tomorrow, my stomach will calm down, and I can focus again. If I remember correctly, was knee-deep in school issues last year around this time and that prevented me from working as much as I wanted on “MikeyJames and NannerPeach.” Still a great story but one that requires a bit more research on bionics and stem cells than I have to give right now. Do you notice that new addition to my sidebar? Give if you can. I don’t have much but I gave. If you are wondering what its about, see fellow blogger Jack. And for those of you interested, here’s the update on “Coin.” Noel looks up to see John coming across the street. He’s a guy she dated briefly before. He’s a photographer and travels a lot. He gives her a nice gift of an angel pendant. Blah, blah, blah... she’s been sick, he tries to stay away, the maul each other anyway and discover, whoops, those antibiotics and birth control pills just don’t mix. (Hey, it happened to me!) There’s much more to the story but that’s where I’m at. Actually, she’s getting ready to meet his rather large family and has a panic attack. That’s really where the story is at. Yes, there is hot sex and more to come. (Heh, I said ‘come’) However, I will leave you with, not one, but two excerpts dealing with that wonderful thing called . . . morning sickness. (If you would like to read what I have written so far, you may e-mail me at “Okay,” he slapped his knee and sat up, “How about we order some Chinese and find a decent movie on TV?” “Chinese? That’s not very healthy fare for a pregnant woman,” Noel raised her eyebrows at him. “Oh, three billion Chinamen can’t be wrong. I really want Chinese. Eat healthy tomorrow.” “Wellll,” she pretended to think things over, “Okay. I want crab rangoons really bad so order double.” John kissed her, “That’s my girl.” Noel’s stomach violently disagreed with the Chinese food the next morning. She came out of the bathroom with a cool washcloth pressed to her head. John was standing in the hallway, his arms crossed. “Three billion Chinamen may be right, but this one-eighth Japanese baby says, ‘nyet’.” “That’s Russian, babe.” Noel stuck her middle finger in the air as she walked back toward the bedroom. “Close enough.” ****** “By the way, what did you get sick on today?” “Turkey and wheat.” John shook his head, “You really need to stay away from that foreign food.”
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