Friday, March 10, 2006

President's Approval Rating Tanks, Mine Stays Strong

The reason? Looming civil war in Iraq. Right. Ralph Peters, an imbedded reporter with the NY Post, has a different take and some scathing words for his fellow journalists. (Damn blogger won't let me embed my link) Fellow West Virginian Don Surber also commented on the “Iraqi Civil War” with links. And, Columbia University Professor Samuel Freedman has the introduction to his new book, “Letters to a Young Journalist” (yes, I pre-ordered), posted on his website. The introduction is well worth reading if you’re interested in journalism, media, and an insider’s thoughts on the image of media to the general public, plus, a few scathing words. A commentary asked, “Do you feel safer now?” Meaning, do I feel safer that Dubai does not have control of our ports? Don asked whether we really thought they even wanted our measly ports, since the majority of their business is done elsewhere. First, no, I don’t think Dubai is going to go home with hard feelings. As for whether I feel safer, probably not. Although I feel somewhat better that the issue has come to the forefront, won’t stay there long, but at least is being discussed. I had to point out though, that if we can’t control illegal immigration across the border then how can we control terrorism on that front as well? Yeah, I feel better that at least one potential point of entry has been blocked, at least from outsider influence. Now, what about FL, TX, NM, AZ, and CA??? In other news, I had an interview this morning. I've looked into working with this legal temp agency. The pay is incredible and the interview was by far the easiest I've had so far. Nice attorney, his handshake could use some work, but I liked him. I think he liked me. Therefore, the Nanner Approval Rating is in the high 80's, even if I am doing political posts. Okay, maybe I'll do like Zelda and just set up a political blog. The Multi-Faceted Blog Project, hey, great name for a new blog. HAPPY FREAKIN' FRIDAY!!!
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