Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Contortion By Thunderstorm - Opus II

*NSFW WARNING* The air, magnetized by lightning, swarming with invisible ions, drew them closer, their breathing shallow, almost gasping. Their eyelids flickered open and found themselves gazing at one another and they met swiftly, crushing, their kiss softening and tongues meeting just as quick. Lightening flashed across the sky in flaming streaks sucking electricity into itself. She twined her fingers into the hair at the nape of his neck as he drug her onto his lap. He leaned her back into the post of the porch hard enough to jar them apart and he captured her hands in that instant, pulling and holding them away from him. Kissing and sucking at his lips, she strained against human bounds. She knew that he knew that she loved it and she hated it and that’s why she loved it. They struggled and fought, kissing and nipping and sucking. His silky deep voice stilled her as he said, “Little bitch, I’m going to hurt you.” She slid her tongue up the tendon of his neck, captured his earlobe between her teeth, and challenged him with her own husky voice, “Bring it.” Transformers overloaded and blew out in showering sparks as he turned and slammed them both onto the porch floor, her head and spine cradled by his powerful arms. His eyes reflected the sparks of her own passion and lust, then another bolt of lightning, thunder cracked and rolled, its percussion carrying them into darkness. Pandora's Box was open.
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