Saturday, June 26, 2004

Cats Are Like Potato Chips...You Can't Have Just One (Part II)

So, Smokey has now survived Ollie, Hobbs and the birth of Hyper-Boy. Hyper-Boy was almost three when I bought my house. I digress. Our neighbors also had a cat that looked a lot like Smokey but he died within a couple of months of us moving here. Their next cat also died. Then they got two females. One was pregnant when they got her, and one became pregnant soon thereafter, despite being told both were fixed. Someone is still laughing about this. I told them I would take one. ONE! I picked out a tan/carmel colored male, brought him home and named his Oscar or Ozzy. He hates practically all people. He only likes being petted for a very short time and then he's gone. He doesn't lay on your lap or anything, Mr. Anti-Social. Right after his litter was born (May 13th), the other litter was born (May 31st). Their mother was a calico. I wasn't going to get one until T.L.C. came over with this kitten, reminded me of Smokey, nasty, just nasty, not to mention, downright UGLY. He said, "If we don't find a home for this one we'll have to take her to the pound." She purred, I was hooked. I thought about naming her Sharon or Harriet since I had an Ozzy but since I had just read Harry Potter, she was dubbed Hermione. Hee hee, can I just say that nasty kitten is gorgeous now? Its very hard to describe her... medium long hair, she's considered a calico since she has tri-colored fur but she's striped like a tabby and big green eyes. She also have frigging allergies. YUCK! But otherwise, she's Ms. Love. She loves everybody, even the people in cars as they have to slow down because she lays in the middle of the road. She looks like a squirrel on stilts. Next Up: The Twins
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