Saturday, August 14, 2004


So, I have a few things to talk about that have been swirling around in my head. First, the streets where I live are named after presidents. Cleveland, Harrison, Grant, McKinley, Adams, Lincoln, Washington. All these streets run east/west. The cross street names though are a mystery. Some, I can figure out, like Boone, Bowie, Hudson and Cody. To me, named about Daniel Boone, Jim Bowie, Henry Hudson and Buffalo Bill Cody. Its the best I can do. Some of the streets are named after trees or Vines and some person named Meyers and Abney. The streets in the "downtown" area (bwhahahahaha) are letters and numbers. Seriously, the town has 12,000 residents. We have 11 residences listed on the National Register of Historic Places and our Main Street is a certified Historic District with 28 buildings. Fort Tackett was orginially built on land granted to George Washington following his involvement in the French and Indian War. The Battle of Scary Creek took place down the road and we have a prehistoric site as well that dates back to 7,500 B.C. There used to be street cars here and there's a small building from 1846 which sits down the road from me which has one of those white signs that shows its important. Sternwheelers and other river boats are still a favorite pasttime and we have two regattas to prove it. So, that's where I live. Not sure if that's very interesting to anyone other than myself. As for what else is on my mind... I talked to AZ briefly yesterday. We have both had "a week." He told me he got my last "novel." What might have turned into an important conversation, for both of us, in different ways, was interrupted by another phone call and off he went. Sigh. I ended up crying at work yesterday because I've had such a difficult time getting my brain to work. I know my boss is disappointed and I'm disappointed in myself too. This does not really help anything. My house looks like Hurricane Charley blew through. And may I just send a shout out to the fine folks in Florida that I'm thinking of you and praying that things take on some resemblence of normalcy soon. Mother Nature can be a crusty old hag sometimes. Back to my house. I've always, always been untidy, messy, disorganized, a slob. I hate it. Yet I sit amongst the clutter and stare as though in a dysfunctional trance as to how to cure it. I did have at least the main quarters of the house in order when I was seeing Lex but now... pfffffft!!! Its getting to where I can't see the living room floor anymore. Other people, like my mom, make it seem so easy. There is nothing easy about it for me. Like right now, I should be cleaning instead of blogging. When I finish blogging, I should be cleaning instead of reading other peep's blogs. I should be cleaning instead of watching a movie or reading a book or taking a nap or sitting staring at the wall. I never finish anything I start. Okay, never is a strong word. Let's just say, it takes forever!! I have a craft project that I want to work on which entails seed beading a piece of suede with indian symbols to cover the skull cap of my deer antlers. So, it still sits. I also have a craft set to make a choker and bracelet from hemp. Its sitting on my lap right now. At least I don't have to learn the macrame' involved. My mom taught me that a long time ago. Sigh. Wish me luck. I'll be back later.
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    Blogger Jenn said...

    Inanna sweetie somedays I read your blog and think your me! I don't know how some people keep everything neat, tidy, and organized. It is a good thing my head is attached to me or I would lose it in my clutter!

    8/14/2004 03:06:00 PM  
    Blogger evilsciencechick said...

    My place is always a mess until K and I get the rare inspired moment to clean. After we do I always think the same thing: "this time, we're going to KEEP it this way!"

    Never happens.

    Neatness is over-rated.

    You'll have to post a picture of your hemp craftiness when you're done! :)

    8/14/2004 09:53:00 PM  
    Blogger Tsarina said...

    I understand hating the mess, but being unable to stop it. The only way I ever get anything done is to promise myself something I REALLY want if I finish (like a book I want, or that hitman for my ex... oops, disregard that). Good luck, and if you finish early, my place always needs work!

    8/15/2004 12:43:00 AM  
    Blogger Trashman said...

    You finished this post. :)

    8/15/2004 03:05:00 AM  
    Blogger Cattiva said...

    Do you think that all bloggers share basic personality traits? I read some blogs and think "hey! that's me!" I can totally relate to the house thing. Mine is a wreck. Like you, I look at it all - see it as an insurmountible task, and go do something that's much more fun than cleaning. THEN if we actually do get the place cleaned up (because of some major event like a party or company coming or something), like evilsciencechick, I swear we're going to keep it clean & organized. That lasts about 12 hours - tops.

    Maybe we're the normal ones and those who live in organized show places have the problem. Maybe they have no life? As the saying goes, a clean house is the sign of a sick mind. OCD maybe? Me, I'm off to read some other blogs. And maybe I'll do some scrapbooking or something later. ;)

    8/15/2004 12:37:00 PM  

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