Saturday, September 25, 2004

Its Me, Its Me

My bud PC was nice enough to allow me to use him computer to check e-mail and blog. He's finally started his own blog. Please check him out at Nice guy. He knows me after all. Thanks for your kind comments. I went home and had a power nappage and felt better. I just really hate feeling that way. Michael, you won third place in my contest. You are the only one who hasn't told me what you want. Get with it. Evil bead person - Hi. I need to check out your blog. Monday for sure when I can effectively waste company time. This using up all my free time is for the birds. I got new tires today. New to me anyway. In other words, used but guaranteed to pass inspection. That's all I need. Gas is $1.99 a gallon here. Sux. I did muck out my stall, I mean car, today. I was inspired by you Cattiva!! I didn't find any petrified french fries but I did find 2 1/2 packs of cigarettes and my car insurance slip but somehow lost my registration. Eventually I will get my car inspected, at least before Tuesday so I don't have to pay that traffic ticket. I stink. Yuck. My hair is nasty and I've lost all sense of inspiration to carry the fast food toys, 14 pairs of shoes and clothing into the house. Whatever I really don't want, maybe someone will steal tonight if I leave it on the lawn. Perhaps I should put a sign out that says, "Steal for free. Crowbar on vacation." Hope everyone is doing well and having a super weekend. I know you Floridians are not, I'm so sorry. Screw up the next election why don't ya? See, even Mother Nature is saying, "Yo! Get it right this time!" Okay, smack me. There, feel better?
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    Blogger AJ in Nashville said...

    Oh do I get to be first?

    Okay then...Inanna you are wonderful. That is all...

    9/25/2004 11:42:00 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    hey, i'm really glad you're feeling better. oh, by the by, i'm also el sid; that's my haloscan name.

    beads! michael better tell you what he wants! free beadwork is a good thing to get!

    9/26/2004 02:54:00 AM  
    Blogger Cattiva said...

    Yeah, getting the crap you want to keep back into the house is the hard part. Sometimes we just put it in a bag which never seems to get sorted through. My theory is that if it sits in a bag and we haven't needed it in months, it's probably trash and gets dumped. Of course there's probably something valuable in there. But what you don't know can't hurt you, right?

    9/26/2004 10:45:00 AM  
    Blogger Michael said...

    Inanna, sorry, behind on the curve; didn't realize my honorable mention got me goodies! What would I like? Oooh, that's a loaded question ;). I don't wear jewelry, so I think any Inanna original decoration would be great; what do you recommend? how do I redeem?

    9/26/2004 05:11:00 PM  
    Blogger T - Another Geek Girl said...

    I am a miserable failure.

    Hug me quick!


    9/26/2004 10:52:00 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    crap...I missed the contest! have another one soon, please???

    Glad you're feeling better!

    I'm always finding petrified french fries in my car. Then I yell at my dog for not finding them and eating them. That's her job, dammit!! :)

    9/26/2004 11:19:00 PM  
    Blogger evilsciencechick said...

    dammit, that was me. why was I anonymous?

    9/26/2004 11:20:00 PM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    AJ – awwwww *blush* Thanks.

    El sid – Now I know who you are!!!!! Saweet!

    Cattiva – My thoughts exactly. If its been in my car for 6 months I can’t need it too bad!!

    Michael – Redeem? Urg... uhhhhh... hmmmm... recommend??? Dunno just yet. But I’ll think of something. Oh, OH!!!! I JUST GOT AN IDEA!!!! I SOOOOOO ROCK!!!! Not gonna tell ya though, just know it was a great idea but it will take a while. When I get it done, you give me an address to send it to. That’s it. BTW.... what colors do you have in your living room?

    Tricia – No, toots, you’re not a failure, but I’ll hug ya anyway. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Bunsey – As soon as I finish the pieces for this contest and get Christmas out of the way, I’ll have another contest and I’ll make sure I tell you about it!!!

    9/27/2004 09:30:00 AM  

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