Sunday, December 05, 2004


Yay! I finally had/have dip! Nate and I made 7 layer dip on Tuesday. Actually, his was 3 layer and mine was 5 (I'm not real crazy about green onions or black olives) and then today I made it again but left off the tomatoes on my side. I found this awesome guacamole recipe that is soooo much better than any mix you could buy. The blend of flavors in my dip is won-der-ful! YUM! Okay, no deer yesterday. I was out practically all day. My dad and I went out late in the evening and we still came up empty. Oh well, next weekend is muzzleloader... I'm not done yet. My mom told me my brother is getting fixed on the 10th of December. (Can we all say... WHOO HOO!!!) Yeah. I thought not. Anyway, so then me Mum says, "Now its all up to you." What's up to me? "If there's going to be anymore granchildren they'll have to come from you." Heh. Don't hold your breath. "Just... if you get married later in life please don't have a baby at 40." Mother, I'll do what I want. "Hmpf! Haven't you always?" How did this happen? How was I born to this family? Switched at birth??? *Sigh* Remember the Ex-Drunk Boyfriend? The one who was being held in jail in VA? The DNA evidence came back that it was him. (He was in blackout/drunk mode and said he didn't remember anything) He confessed, threw himself on the mercy of the Court. The Court was merciful. 70 years, eligible for parole in 13. He'll be 41 years old. He's 28 now. Nate will be 21. Hard to imagine. I think he got what he deserved. He beat and raped a young woman and has changed her life forever. But.... what really bothers me, is this; the man who raped him at the age of 8 is still walking around a free man. The man who changed him for life is not suffering such consequences. And if you think what happened to the Ex at the age of 8 has nothing to do with the person he is now.... you need to study the affects of untreated sexual abuse on children. Plus, it probably didn't help that he had to look at the man for his entire childhood. It was his dad. Yep. His mom didn't find out for 10 years and when she did, she did nothing. Now, isn't that a way to show your children how much they mean to you. One parent gets drunk and fucks you up the ass and then when the other one finally finds out, they do nothing. They still SLEEP AND FUCK THE SAME MAN WHO FUCKED THEIR SON!!!! Nasty. However, the Ex had many, many opportunities to deal with this with professional help and he didn't. That is his fault But, I've never been there. I don't know what it feels like as a child or where you would even start. The whole thing just bothers... just really bothers me. Anyway, no, AZ did not come over last night. I wasn't holding my breath. I drank a beer, read a little then passed out face down on the bed at the wrong end. I was tired and sore from hunting all day. But hey, when I woke up this morning I had three men in the bed with me... Smokey, Ozzy and Napoleon. Meow.
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