Thursday, December 09, 2004


No, not our Jack. Its this Jack. Jack Whittaker. You don’t know Jack Whittaker?? He’s the beleaguered winner of the Powerball Lottery who just can’t stop making headlines all over the United States. AZ called me last night and told me that his graphics company is marketing a T-shirt. I checked the website this morning and they’re still trying to get all the pics up. The front of the shirt says, "Where is Jack?" and has Jack’s signature Stetson on it and a phone number for the WV Lottery. The back of the shirt has a picture of Jack on a milk carton. It was the lead story on the local news channels and there’s a chance that AP may pick the story up to. Just remember you heard it here first. And, at $10.00, the shirts are more than affordable, even with $3.95 shipping. I asked AZ what the charge for personal delivery would be. I’m not sure what it meant when he started diabolically laughing. Any ideas ;-)
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