Thursday, June 09, 2005

Drive-By Blogging

* I’m meeting with the peeps about my jewelry on Tuesday. I’ll be working extra hard on some new projects. * My grass needs mowed. * A tornado touched down here yesterday uprooting several trees. We had strong winds and ten minutes of hard rain. The worst of it passed off to the northeast. The tornado touched down on the hill below the airport where Nate’s camp is. * I have to work overtime this weekend too. * I forgot Father’s Day is this weekend. * In that regard, I can’t get a break. If I’m not out "gallivanting around the country," (my dad’s words), then I have to appear at a function of some sort. Last time it was my family reunion. Good news is I can bead at my parent’s place. * Arlene is the first tropical storm of the season and surprisingly enough, its NOT heading for Florida. * I’m bored. * This day seems like its been a week already. Is it 5:00 yet??? * I took a shower this morning and thought about how its not as much fun by myself. * I find it funny that I couldn’t get Nate to school five blocks away by 8:10 most of the year but I can have him at camp 15 miles away by that time. * I have the "happiness bulge." It means since I’ve been happy with il mio amore I’ve gained weight. I asked him if he couldn’t just make me miserable for a bit. * I’m bored. * I should clean my office. * And my house. *And my car. * But that stuff is boring. * I want a nap but naps aren’t as much fun alone. * I need to write Troy a letter. His birthday was Monday. I will post some pics from Bagram, Afghanistan when I get the chance. * I’m gonna go get a snack. You guys want anything?
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