Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Nanner Does Nursery Rhymes and Other Schtuff

Just came in the door. It has been ONE. BIZZZZZZY. DAY. Nate passed out last night at about nine o’clock while watching a movie that we rented because he hadn’t seen the end. Yep, he fell asleep before the end!! Argh! Jeff sounds blissfully yet grouchily zonked out. How one can be blissful and grouchy at the same time is beyond me. Its like he’s pissed but he doesn’t care. They’re giving him pain meds for the ankle (which the radiologist says is broken) and weaning him back on the nasty med which the lack thereof caused the seizures to start with. Along with Jeff’s other poor habits, like drinking and not taking his diabetes medication, oh, and that all important thing called... eating. Oh, and today, well today is his 43rd birthday! He asked me why I didn’t stop and, of course, I explained that I didn’t know it was him and its probably well and good that I didn’t. Plus, he was zonked out. He didn’t come to until they got him in the ambulance. All the good I would have done would have been to scream and cry and possibly pass out. Then again, I tend to be very organized and business-like in time of crisis. Nate once had a really bad bicycle accident, blood pouring from his nose etc. He’s hysterical, I’ve got a lady standing over me telling me it wasn’t his fault, it was mine because, I don’t know, gee, I told him to stop and he kept going. I was the calm, cool, collected one so maybe I wouldn’t have freaked out but then again, had I seen the whole accident and known it was Jeff, yeah, I probably would have wrecked or been so shocked I would have done something stupid. We’ll never know. So, report cards come out today. Nate brought some of his grades up (YAY NATE!) But he still failed three glasses (OY!) But with the modifications (YAY!) And Mommy staying on his ass (BOO! or YAY! - depends on if you’re Nate or not), he should be bringing up those grades. Bad news is, he has a substitute the rest of the week who looks like... she should have stopped teaching years ago, when God was a boy. I made up a nursery rhyme about her. Old Miss Moffit sat on her moldy toffit grading her papers today when along came Nanner sat down beside her and scared Miss Moffit way I’m sure she thought I was some crazed lunatic by the way I was yanking and jerking books and notebooks and crumbled up papers out of Nate’s desk. I’m a good Mommy that way. Found an English assignment he had completed and not turned in. Go Mom. He had NOTHING in his bookbag. Now, it has three books and one notebook and his assignment book, which Hannah, the dear he’s gone to school with since Kindergarten helped me fill out. I’ll never forget the first time I met Hannah. She was (and is) overweight, a very round face, and freckles, cute though, and loves animals. She has thinned out some since Kindergarten registration but then she was very... round. And she came into the registration with a big ice cream cone, the ice cream all over her face and melted down her hand. In other news, Nate went to the doctor yesterday and I had them do a weight/height check. He’s gained 5 lbs. yet grown an inch and a quarter since June. Technically, he should have gained a little over 6 lbs. and since he was deficit before then... that still leaves him in the 35th percentile for weight and about 60th for height. His sister is around 80-90th in both. And she’s getting boobs. *blink* Ya’ll done? Cuz I’m done.
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