Friday, December 02, 2005

Water, Cool Water

What started all of this introspection is AZ’s upcoming birthday on the 11th. I always write something particularly silly to mark the occasion and decided that a compare and contrast of astrological signs (rising, sun, and moon) would be interesting. Since, AZ, Lex, and I have known each other a relatively long period of time and are a triptych friendship, I thought it would be interesting to do all three of us, just to see how accurate or inaccurate the signs were. For clarification, the rising sign is the face we show the world, or our "mask." The sun sign is who we are deep down. The moon sign rules emotions and how we react under stress. AZ and Lex both gave up their birth times without question (Muaahahahahahahaha)... ahem. What I found, well, explains a lot about why the three of us form this triptych. My rising sign is Pisces with a dash of Aquarius, denoting that I come across as a deep, emotional person who you can tell your life story to, who also has a brain. AZ’s rising sign is Capricorn, denoting a very serious minded, career-oriented, ambitious individual. Lex’s rising sign is Scorpio, denoting a deep, mysterious type person who will stand up for what they believe in and who loves to debate and argue their position. Of course, I am a Scorpittarius, AZ is a Sagittarius, and Lex is a Cancer. You may see my Scorpittarius post for information. Cancer’s are similar to Scorpios except they tend to retreat in their shells, even more so when you attempt to draw them out. Cancer’s have pinchers but rarely use them. Most of the time they snap at you half-heartedly as a diversion while they withdraw. In the realm of the moon, I have a Virgo moon, AZ has a Scorpio moon, and Lex has a Gemini moon. Emotionally, I tend to be very analytical and earthy. AZ’s emotions are deep, mysterious, and rarely shown. Lex just doesn’t want to be bored, and under stress he’ll fly away, literally, to Ireland or Italy. Interesting to me is that Nate is also a Cancer, rising sign Scorpio, except his moon is in the fire sign Aries. You can also look at it in terms of elements. Elementally, I am Water/Air, Water/Fire, Earth. AZ is Earth, Fire, Water. Lex is Water, Water, Air. So, what does all this mean? Nothing probably, I just thought it was interesting. I could go all analytical and draw conclusions about how we revolve around one around, linked by the deep water signs, and how that influences how we react to one another and why we are drawn to one another, blah, blah, blah. But, I won’t. It is what it is. More than anything it shows, we are ruled by more than one thing. Everyone is complex and multi-faceted. We are our own worst enemies and our own best friends. So, get out there and take your best friend to lunch.
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