Wednesday, August 16, 2006

And... The Plot Thickens

At 12:42 this afternoon, I received a call from the shop informing me that some money had been stolen. While it was not a grossly large sum, $81.00, it was still our money. Well, all but $45 was our money, the rest belonged to our PC repair guy. I had no idea we even had any money on the premises. Most of the time, we invoice our contractor or promotional company or funds are collected and deposited the same day. First, I talked to the aforementioned Incompetent Employee and then the Head Printer who called me from his home. (He has the crud that is going around). I left work early to deal with the situation. Both guys asked that I not "bother" AZ with this latest pile of shit. I said I wouldn’t call him right off until I had a better understanding of what had happened. Head Printer suggested that we meet at 4:00 to discuss the situation but he strongly felt we should file a police report. I agreed. Regardless, I was at the shop by two, AZ was on the phone by 2:40 and the police had arrived by 3:15. When AZ called I told him that I was already at the shop. Printing had ground to halt because we had ran out of shirts on the 15,000 piece, artwork for other smaller jobs was being burned on the screens, we had shirts that we didn’t know what to do with, and I had other questions. I then told him that the reason I was at the shop early was because someone had stolen some money from the drawer. To me, not telling him would have just been a lie of omission, something I’m not willing to do. I don’t care if he’s on vacation. Sometimes shit just happens. He responded calmly, wanting to know why there was money there to start with. I told him all that I knew and when I suggested filing a police report, he concurred. He gave me some further instructions, telling me he would call me later. He didn’t lie. We were back on the phone as the officer, actually the one who was with Jeff when he found out I was pregnant with Nate, pulled up to the side entrance. I filed the report and it will be referred to the detective bureau. I can’t really speculate at this time what happened to the money. First, any of our money should not have even been there. It should have been given to me to deposit, yeah, if only they had known I had the deposit book. Regardless, someone should have taken it out of the office and not left it overnight. Even the PC repair guy’s money should have been carried out and returned the following day. My first and most major question is... if Mr. Incompetent discovered the money missing between 9:30 and 10:00, why did it take him two hours and 42 minutes to call me? Questions. Questions without answers. AZ issued an edict, via me, no more money is to be left in the office. Head Printer is distraught but came in at 4:00 and was still working as of 9:00. I am disappointed and exhausted. We have over 13,000 shirts arriving tomorrow. Hoorah.
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