Tuesday, August 15, 2006


As much as I love the guys at the shop, there is one that I want to choke almost on a daily basis. I try to remember that he really isn’t himself due to various medical problems and ensuing medications. I try really, really hard. However, after busting my ass for two days trying to keep things running smoothly and telling him at least twice that I had a confirmation to change an order AND writing down the confirmation so he could tell AZ when he called back, I was livid when he called me back and told me that AZ told him to call me since I was the one who was supposed to confirm the order change. I lost my temper. I yelled into the phone. I reminded him that I had told him twice AND had written it down that the order change had already been confirmed AND that he was supposed to tell AZ that it had been confirmed and give him the order OVER THE PHONE SO THE FUCKING T-SHIRTS COULD BE ORDERED TOMORROW!!!! This is when he decides to open his eyes and click on the little part that reads, "literacy," and reads where I had written it down. "Oh, yeah, you did write it down." DOH!! DOH!! DOH!! Let’s put aside the fact that our boss is AZ. I don’t care if it is AZ or Guy #3, I do not like being portrayed as someone who has not done what they are supposed to do, especially given the very, very, VERY FUCKING TIGHT DEADLINE WE ARE UNDER RIGHT NOW!!! Now, multiply that by TEN because our boss is, in fact, AZ. I take AZ’s trust in me very serious, in case that wasn’t obvious. Not just because, under the right circumstances, I am a kick ass employee. I do not slack, I run full steam. But also because the man that is my boss I also happen to be kick ass IN LOVE WITH. Not to mention, that given the relatively small number of people I have contacted, I’m taking the shit for what other’s deem as incompetence on the part of said employee, not to mention the snide remarks about phone calls not being returned promptly by AZ. Hence why I said yesterday that human beings are foul creatures. Perhaps it was nasty, but foul will work too. Have I mentioned how far behind I am on my beading? I am very far behind and having hand cramps last week and Nate for two weekends in a row has pretty much ... yeah, I’m not happy. Having Nate is one thing, hand cramps are another. My hands are my life. I did finally get a bead order out only then to discover, I forgot a color. I looked at the diminished quantity in the vial, calculated rapidly in my head and said, "Oh, yeah, I really do need those." Fuck.
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