Sunday, August 06, 2006


In addition to my home life, regular 40, the shop, my beadwork, and AZ, I've decided I'm just not busy enough, my life just isn't full enough, so, I'm taking a six week tribal belly dancing class. See, it fits perfect in my schedule: Aug. 6th - two birthday parties (my niece and T-Bird’s nephew, already two years old). My niece’s party is 2 hours away and it doesn’t start until 5. *Sigh* Aug. 11th - Cuz PC is having a housewarming/end of summer internship shindig. Aug. 12th - Going to PC’s to go swimming. Aug. 12th - 19th - AZ on vacation. Aug. 25th - Aug. 27th - Beading at Tamarack. Aug. 28th - Nate starts back to school. Sept. 4th - Labor Day Celebration (t-shirt sales) Sept. 6th - Belly dancing Sept. 9th - Mound Art and Craft Fair (beading/maybe t-shirts) Possible trip to Columbus on either the 8th or 10th in an attempt to catch up to BooBoo. Sept. 13th - Belly dancing Sept. 15th & 16th - Fall Fest (beading/maybe t-shirts) (16th is also J3's b-day party) Sept. 20th - Belly dancing Sept. 27th - Belly dancing Sept. 30th - Julie's birthday Oct. 4th - Belly dancing Oct. 6th, 7th, 8th - Trip to Chicago. (Tentative) Oct. 11th - Belly dancing Oct. 14th - WV Black Walnut Festival (Parade and fun, no beading or t-shirts) Oct. 21st - Bridge Day (Tentative) Oct. 22nd - Rock and Gem Show (SCCC) Nov. 3rd, 4th, 5th - Trip to Pittsburgh Nov. 20th - Buck/Anterless Firearms Season Opens Nov. 21st - Nanner's birthday! Nov. 23rd - Thanksgiving Dec. 11th - AZ's birthday Dec. 25th - Christmas Dec. 31st - New Year's Eve Would anyone care to add anything???
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