Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Hyper-Boy (Part I)

Its almost Hyper-Boy's birthday. He'll be 8. No, he's not going on 28 either. He's male, remember? I love this little fella. He's so proud because he weighs 55 lbs. now. Trouble is, he's 4 ft. 4 in. tall so this still makes him a beanpole. He's got the biggest blue eyes. Girls will swoon. Some of you have probably heard that in the last months of pregnancy babies don't move as much because they are too big. WELL, no one told Hyper-Boy that. His 14" head ground away in my pelvis for a month. He never slowed down, always rolling. He weighed 8lbs. 14oz. He wore 0-3 month clothes for about a week. He never could wear those cute little shoes that matched the outfit. Huge feet this guy. The great thing about this is that he was a very alert baby and ate more than say a 5 pounder would. He nursed 40 minutes, 20 on each side. Too bad he didn't sleep much though. We hated life together his first 3 months. He sensed my malcontent I'm sure. I realized a few things by the time he turned 3. One, he was really smart. Two, he was really hyper. This is a horrible combination. Kindergarten was hell. I mean hell. Double hell. His dad was so fed up with his hyperactivity and with his own life he took to beating Hyper-Boy finally to the point of leaving bruises on him, which I found. The dad's girlfriend finally clued me in to rest of the stuff going on behind my back when sperm donor couldn't watch him because he was too fucked up. Pills and booze, booze and pills. Then I'm the pariah because I filed for full custody. I cut off visitation. I told sperm donor to get his life together or get out of our lives completely. He yelled, threatened, got a real fancy bitch lawyer that I know bugged her husbands's office and had to resign the judgeship... she knew me too. And I got the Family Court judge I wanted, who also knew me. That's just the way it worked out. The God's smiled on me. I didn't have to do much anyway. Once his lawyer saw the pics I had taken which were the perfect outline of her client's hand bruised into my baby's bottom, I pretty much got what I wanted. Now, sperm donor is much, much better. He knows his limits in dealing with Hyper-Boy. They are very low. Hyper-Boy has had 14 doctors. He takes two medications, one for seizures and one for ADHD. They help. Unfortunately, the folks at his school believe these are miracle drugs that will turn him into the perfect robot. Nope. Now, I've been stuck between a rock and a hard place. I pretty much didn't spank Hyper-Boy for a long time. After what his dad did... well, what can you do? Therapy, therapy, therapy. For both of us. Hyper-Boy developed a roaring case of anxiety. He wet the bed until he was 6. He was angry and moody. School suffered, home life suffered. But little by little, he pulled it up. The worst part of this, is he knows he's not like other kids. He realizes he is different. His mind never, never stops. The school nurse, his teachers, day care providers etc. have told me at least once, "he's always thinking, you can see it in his eyes." Yep. His newest therapist, who is awesome and the best I've yet to meet, and I outta know, says this is why Hyper-Boy has such difficulty with drawing and writing. His mind cannot light on one subject, it flits and flits and flits and when he finally decides on what to write or draw then it has to be perfect, it has to fit a certain criteria. This is why we are practicing writing over the summer, not to mention the two E's which were made completely out of giving up and laziness. He dropped from A's to E's... this is not a medication/medical problem, this is laziness, this is giving up. This calls for desperate measures. No Harry Potter movie until he applies himself. Further complicating this is his learning capabilities. He learns very, very fast. And once he learns it, its learned, lets move on. He hates repetition. HE HATES REPETITION!! What do they do in 2nd grade, repeat, repeat, repeat. Hyper-Boy is one of the youngest in his class. He reads like an 11-year old and writes like a 5 year old. I understand his frustration.
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    Blogger Seeker said...

    Two of my children have ADHD ,as well as myself. I feel your pain. I truly do.

    6/25/2004 09:57:00 AM  

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