Thursday, June 17, 2004

Interesting Day

Sissy and I went to lunch at the mall. I hardly ever go there. One, because I just hate to shop unless I want something specific, which I do. A really cool looking halter top which will make me look in the mirror and go "damn girl, you lookin' good." Sissy is addicted to the chicken teriyaki at the Japanese place so I tried it out with her. Really neat that they make it in front of you. I saw a girl that reminded me of Lindsay from Freaky Friday, the one everyone has been commenting on...did she or did she not have a boob job??? I guess she may be a late bloomer because I remember falling asleep an "A" and waking up a "C" but I was 12 or so. And they didn't stop there. Oh no, why would I ever have the joy of being able to wear a bikini that fit the top AND the bottom. If I had a J-Lo butt, everything would have been cool, but alas, I am all top and no bottom. I had quite a cute ass in '96, if you could overlook the rather bublous protrusion on the front of me. When my pregnancy ended, so did my ass. I had to deliver medical records in the afternoon about 40 miles away. The State Police were running radar on the Interstate. They were stationed about 2 miles apart on the way down. All in SUVs with antennae like octupus arms. Some were K-9 units, which are really sweet looking tax dollars at work. On the way home I passed a trooper at mile markers 26, 28, 32.5 (three were having a discussion beside the road in those really hot looking BDU type uniforms of the drug enforcement unit, yum!) and I passed another at mile marker 36 or so. The bummer was that the ones at 26 and 28 passed up a stranded motorist in the West bound lane who had been there when I went through. Its 87 degrees, with 63% humidity, so it feels like 95 and on the roadway it must have been 105 or so. None of them stopped to just let the guy sit in the air conditioned comfort of one of those fancy SUVs until a wrecker or the Welfare on Wheels came to his rescue. (WOW is the Welfare to Work program where people drive around and help stranded motorists) That pissed me off. SERVE and protect fellas. Now, don't get me wrong, I have a lot of respect for police officers. First, I went to college with a lot of folks who are now officers. One of them died in the line of duty about 5 years ago. He was a good guy. Hyper Boy's father was a cop. I watched it tear him apart, I watched his slow decent into hell. He's no longer a cop. Troopers around here have a bad rep though. Brutality, being assholes, but damn they look hot in those uniforms. I got home and found my lost cat. She has a bad cold or allergies. She's always sneezing but its much worse now. She's not eating so I went to the store and got canned food. If a cat can't smell, it won't eat and they lose weight fast. I've been wiping her nose like a kid. For some reason she's been giving me dirty looks. She didn't eat much but she ate a little. I'll try again in the morning. Maybe I'll wait until after she sneezes...YECH!!!
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