Sunday, August 22, 2004

1,488 Beads

I have been posting a lot so scroll down to see My Ideal Man post and Sexually Explicit Lyric post. Anyway, I have been working on a bracelet for the past week or so. My best friend (Beanie), her brother is in Iraq and is having a really hard time, just like the rest of them. He's just really not doing well. The bracelet I made is entirely glass seed beads, 1,488 of them. I will post a pic as soon as I get my film developed. I will describe it though... it begins with 13 rows of yellow, followed by an American flag, complete with 50 stars and 13 stripes and then is followed by more yellow with the word FAITH spelled out in blue (gold and blue being Mountaineer colors). I then chopped the ends and tied them. Took a piece of suede and sewed it to it. I had put the pieces on the end so it would actually fit. I finished it last night and put glue around all the edges. It isn't perfect in the least. I miscounted... its a little poofy where I sewed it but for my first attempt, without much of anything to go by, I'm pretty damn proud. I hope Jeremy likes it. I'll post his pic as well when I get the opportunity. Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday.
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    Blogger Cattiva said...

    Can't wait to see the pics. You have WAY more patience than I do. And you know, he's going to love it because it was handmade. Anyone can go out and buy a gift. Something like this is super special.

    1,488? Sheesh!

    8/22/2004 08:20:00 PM  

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