Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Rush, Rush, Rush - Mini Post

I'm in hurry, my boss is on my butt. Thanks for all the comments. I hate not responding to each one but will get to that when I get home. Fell asleep last night with Nate, contacts in, clock not set, door wide open, woke up at 7:50 this morning. Read Sloth's post about nasty dreams/nightmares and had to look up the teeth falling thing. Luckily, its just a horrible dream about losing control. I've had a recurring dream but don't have time to put it on paper. I did have a dream about bloggers one morning about the time that Jack was skydiving and Leese was giving out breastfeeding tips because in the dream we bloggers were going down in a disabled plane and having to skydive out of it. As I was floating under my canopy, I could see Leese trudging through the snow (no idea why it was snowy okay?) with a baby in her arms. Even though I'm terrified of heights, I felt calm floating around up there at the same time wondering what in the hell I was doing there... LOL!! That's it for now... Happy Tuesday!!!
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Amazing how one can forget about another. seems i didn't just lose a love, i also lost a friend. hope you two are happy together.

    8/17/2004 01:34:00 PM  
    Blogger Cattiva said...

    Geeze! For a minute there I thought you were going to say Leese had to breastfeed the bloggers! Glad I went back and read that more closely.

    8/17/2004 01:53:00 PM  
    Blogger Michael said...

    Crazy dreams.

    8/17/2004 03:31:00 PM  
    Blogger Trashman said...

    I hope Jack wasn't giving the jump instructions. He tends to slam into Jump Masters. :)

    8/17/2004 11:27:00 PM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    Hmmmm.. I posted a comment and it didn't show up... try again.

    Anonymous -- Yes, I'm very happy to have him in my life as a friend and a lil bro, as for the other, I'm not her. E-mail and IM go both ways.

    Cattiva -- I bet Leese is glad I didn't dream that either.

    Mike -- Yep

    Trashman -- You know, I think that was Jack that bumped me on the way down. ;o)

    8/18/2004 01:25:00 AM  

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