Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Your Reguarly Scheduled Blog Will Now Resume

WOW!! Can't begin to thank you folks enough for your support for the Memory Walk and raising money for Alzheimer's research. Bright blessings to each of you who donated, who have thought of me and who have sent me words of encouragement!!!! My boss decided today to increase my pot by another $100. Saweeeet!!! Actually, although I am very excited about this as it is my first time in participating in this type of event, I have also been involved in raising money for the American Cancer Society, for one of our former employees who has been battling breast cancer which metasticized to her brain for the past four years, and, the Diabetes Foundation for my boss's daughter, who was diagnosed with Type I when she was six or seven years old. Normally we donate at Christmas instead of exchanging gifts and the boss matches the employee donation and we split it between the two. I am excited about the walk. Otherwise, I have been seriously battling the blues. Although Fall is my favorite time of year, it seemed as though I have hit a rocky patch. I was so down on Monday I wanted to cry. Instead of sitting on my ass-end, I got up and went with Nate to the school, then we took a long walk around the neighborhood, played on a tennis court with a ball and no rackets, played on the playground and goofed around near the railroad tracks waiting for the train to cross so we could cross the road. That night Nate quizzed me on the capitals of the 50 states. I bombed on Minnesota, Washington, Oregon (like any good witch would know its Salem, not Portland), and South Carolina. I got the others mainly right. I did mix up Mobile for Montgomery, New Orleans for Baton Rouge, and for some reason, Denver and Cheyenne, or rather Nate did. The states look so similar in what he was using he had them on the wrong places and kept trying to tell me that Denver was the capital of Wyoming and Cheyenne was the capital of Colorado, although he looked rather confused while doing so, as in, he realized that what I was saying was right but he couldn't figure out why his board didn't say the same thing. It took me so long to get Minnesota's capital right that Nate made me study it. Its ST. PAUL!! He's sharp that little feller of mine. When I nixed South Carolina (I said Charleston, knowing that is wrong), he said, "Okay, what's the capital of Ohio." I said, "Columbus." He said, "Correct, now change the end of it to get the capital of South Carolina." Ahhhh... Columbia. I think he's a sharp little tool. (Brag, brag, brag) I got the materials for Celti's amulet bag and to finish Ang's bracelet. The amulet bag is coming along pretty well. Tonight I start on the applique of the beads.... I'm soooo excited. I'm sure Ang just hopes I finish her's and send it out. I will, I will. Hopefully it won't take me long. Got the psych doc appointment tomorrow morning. Looking forward to that. Napoleon, love his heart, got his balls chopped today. Clip, clip, pop, pop. Poor Poley!! Oh, and that slut bag Morticia got out again last night but I guess it matters not as I'm pretty sure she got knocked up during her excursion while I was out of town riding coasters. Guess she got her own ride. Funny thing is, I dreamed she had four black and white kittens. Of course, my mom dreamed I was having a tubal ligation... eh? Then I dreamed my family invaded my house and cleaned my kitchen. ACK!!! I normally don't remember my dreams but lately I have. Weird. My bud PC is out of town but please drop by his blog and wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Its the 8th. Glad to be back. Thank you all again. See ya on the flipside.
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    Blogger Zelda said...

    Good job Nate! It never ceases to amaze me the children's learning capacity.

    10/06/2004 11:26:00 PM  
    Blogger Cattiva said...

    Was this capital thing homework? I am so embarrased - I have been getting my ass kicked by 4th grade math.

    10/06/2004 11:27:00 PM  
    Blogger Me said...

    {{{**big hug for Inanna Moon**}}}

    Hope you're starting to come up outta the blues. They suck. But mayhaps this morning you'll get a new happy pill Rx that'll pop ya back on top!

    And, while I can't wait to behold the beautiful bracelet you're making for me, WHENEVER it arrives will make my day. No rush here, sweetie.

    Have a great Thursday!!

    10/07/2004 09:58:00 AM  
    Blogger Traci Dolan said...

    Jethro - Me either!

    Cattiva - LOL! It wasn't homework, it was just something he decided to do. Great... 4th grade math, something else to look forward to.

    Ang - New RX but not poppin' yet. Bracelet will hopefully be done this weekend!!!

    10/07/2004 10:51:00 AM  

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